Amiga Processor Peripherals

Progressive 3000/040

> Company: Progressive Peripherals and Software, US
Date: 1991
Amiga: 3000
Interface: CPU slot
Autoconfig ID: 2026/1

68040 @ 25, synchronous with the motherboard
drives 16 MHz motherboards at 25 Mhz

no memory option – slow motherboard RAM access
requires ROM resident Kickstart 2.0
68030 fallback mode, switchable from software
if the motherboard is fitted with static column fast RAM the first chip must be replaced with the supplied page mode ZIP DRAM chip – this solves a bug in Ramsey and prevents the board of doing burst RAM access


Amiga Progressive 3000/040 Front

Front: Progressive 3000/040 front view

Amiga Progressive 3000/040 Back

Front: Progressive 3000/040 back view

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