Amiga Audio Peripherals

Prelude 1200

> Company: Albrecht Computer Technik, Germany
> Date: 1998
> Amiga: A1200
> Interface: clock port
> Autoconfig ID: ID16945 / 1

Crystal Semiconductor Sound Codec 4231A
5510-64000 Hz Frequency Range
ALaw, ULaw, ADPCM Compression / Decompression
MPC Level 2 Compatible Mixer
Dual DMA Registers Support Full Duplex Operation
Two Onchip FIFO Buffers For Higher Performance
Selectable Serial Audio Data Port
Two Channel Simultaneous Playback (Simple Stereo Signal)
Unlike A DSP, This Chip Is Designed Solely For Handling Audio, It Cannot For Example, Off-Load Your CPU When Playing Back An 8+ Channel ScreamTracker File
Full Duplex 16 Bit Audio Sampling And Playback
14 Sampling And Playback Rates Up To 64 KHz
Four Stereo Mini-Jack Sockets: One Line Level Output, Two Line Inputs, One Microphone Input
One Of The Inputs Can Be Used To Mix The Paula Audio With The Prelude Output
Two Piece Board – The Digital Part Connects To The Clock Port, The Analog Part Fits To The Spare Blanking Plate At The Back Of The A1200
The Two Parts Are Connected With A Ribbon Cable
Software: Samplitude Opus Lite, AudioLab16
AHI Driver

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