Amiga Display Peripherals

Picasso 4 Display Accelerator

> Company: Village Tronic, Germany
Date: 1996
Amiga: 2000, 3000, 4000
Interface: Zorro 2, Zorro 3
Autoconfig ID: 2167/21,22,23,24

RTG Graphics card
Cirrus Logic GD5446 (PCI bus)
64 bit blitter
180 MB/s fillspeed
videoscaling with interpolation
colourroom converting
picture in picture
16 bit digital video port
135 MHz in 8 bit modes
85 MHz in 16 / 24 bit modes
15.5 – 84 kHz horizontal frequency
50 Hz interlace – 160 Hz non-interlace vertical frequency
4 MB 64 bit 45 ns EDO RAM, eight chips

Screen Modes
1600×1200×16 interlace
1280×1024×24 non-interlace

Integrated flicker fixer
programmable up to 160 Hz
24 bit colourdepth for A4000, 12 bit for A3000 / A2000
EPROM stores the configuration
does not pass through native Amiga multiscan and double modes

Optional modules
Pablo IV video encoder ()
S-VHS and CVBS outputs
SECAM is not supported
linear interpolation reduces flickering
two display sizes: 640×480 and 800×600 – the latter is only available in PAL B / G / I mode
a time base corrector is required if used with a genlock
Paloma TV tuner ()
three video sources – TV tuner, S-VHS, FBAS
the tuner supports only PAL B/G or PAL I, it does not support SECAM and NTSC
the videodecoder supports all standards, so it would be possible to use SECAM or NTSC through the S-VHS or Composite input (using a VCR as external tuner),the software (PalomaTV) is written PAL only
monoaural sound decoding only
no teletext support
Concierto sound module ()
Yamaha OPL3 synthesizer
16 bit recording and playback
3-44.1 kHz input and output
MIDI interface
consists of a main board and an I/O board
two mini DIN connectors with adaptor cables
planned modules
MPEG module
3D module

Zorro II / III autosensing
integrated local PCI bus
flashROM for firmware upgrades
four channel audio mixer on board: Amiga, line, TV, CD
audio signal switcher – Amiga and CD-ROM inputs
DDC2B Monitor Plug’n’Play technology
DPMS power saving
15 pin VGA output
S-VHS input / output for Pablo IV
3.5 mm stereo input / output
when fitting into an A2000 the flicker fixer must be removed by breaking the card – requires the Denise adapter to avoid this
no support for draggable screens
Picasso96 and CyberGraphX 3 and 4 drivers
supported by Linux and NetBSD


Amiga Picasso display accelerator front view

Front: Amiga Picasso display accelerator front view

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