Amiga Display Peripherals

Picasso 2 Display Accelerator

> Company: Village Tronic, Germany
Date: 1993
Amiga: 2000, 3000, 4000
Interface: Zorro 2
Autoconfig ID: 2167/11,12,13

RTG Graphics card
Cirrus Logic GD5426 or GD5428
85 MHz in 8 bit modes
45 MHz in 16 bit
28 MHz in 24 bit
1 or 2 MB 45 or 60 ns DRAM
1 MB (eight DIPs) soldered to board
eight DIP sockets for additional 1 MB
accepts 256k×4 DIPs, 45-80 ns

Screen Modes
1600×1280×8 interlace
1152×864×16 interlace
800×600×24 non-interlace

optional video encoder module
FBAS and S-VHS outputs
only PAL compatible
15 kHz overload protection
requires a time base corrector if used with a genlock

maps its memory directly into the Zorro II address space – speeds up manipulation of graphics memory but limits the amount of fast RAM to 6 MB
with 8 MB Zorro II fast RAM the board has to be run in segmented mode – lower performance
two 15 pin VGA connectors
automatic passthrough
Picasso96, CyberGraphX 2, 3 and 4, EGS and PicassoRTG drivers
supported by Linux, NetBSD and OpenBSD


Amiga Picasso display accelerator front view

Front: Amiga Picasso display accelerator front view

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