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> Company: Blue Ribbon Soundworks, USA
> Date: 1992
> Amiga: A2000, A3000, A4000
> Interface: Zorro II
> Autoconfig ID: ID2161 / 2

MIDI Interface And Wavetable
Based On E-Mu System’S Proteus 1 MIDI Sound Engine
It’S An Independent Computer With A 68000 @ 10MHz
128 KB Operating System ROM
64 KB Static RAM
4 MB Of 16 Bit General MIDI Samples In ROM, Over 210 Sampled Sounds And Waveforms
A Large Number Of Configurable Parameters Allow A Lot Of Flexibility In The Sound: Velocity Control, Pitch Bend, Adjustable Tuning, And A Choice Of Scale Temperament
No Built In Effects (They Are Produced By Software)
16 Bit Sampled Stereo Synth Which Is Both Polyphonic And Polytimbral, So Multiple Instruments Can Be Played Simultaneously, Up To Its Limit Of 32 Internal Channels
Some Instruments Need Multiple Internal Channels
The Proteus Is Mounted As A Daughterboard And Interfaced To The Amiga Via One Port Of A DUART
The Other DUART Port Provides A Built In MIDI Interface
1x MIDI In
1x MIDI Out
Expandable To Three Separate MIDI Outs With The Optional Triple Play Plus Upgrade
Stereo Output (Two RCA Plugs)
Bundled With Bars &Amp; Pipes Pro, Supported By SoundJam
When The Editor Is First Started, It Has To Read The Entire Configuration From The Hardware, Which Takes About 20 Seconds
Works Together With The Sunrize Series: Using Blue Ribbon’S SyncPro (SMPTE Generator), Both The AD1012 Or AD516 And B&Amp;P Pro Will Lock To SMPTE, Independently


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