Amiga Memory Peripherals

Micron Amiga Memory

> Company: Micron Technology, USA
> Date: 1987
> Amiga: A500, A1000A2000
> Interface: side expansion portZorro II
> Autoconfig ID: ID1023 / 1

64 DIP Sockets Accept 2 MB RAM
Supports 0.5, 1 Or 2 MB Configurations
Accepts 256kx1 DIPs, 120 Ns
Zero Wait States
Recoverable RAM Disk (Rrd.Device) – A Warm Boot Takes About 45 Seconds, Including 12 Seconds Of Memory Diagnostics
The Design Is Licensed From ASDG, The Card Is Technically The Same As The ASDG 2MI
The A1000 And A500 Versions Both Rehouse The Zorro II Card
A500 Version:
External Power Supply
Power Switch And Power Indicator LED
Passthrough Connector – In Order To Use It, Some Terminator Resistors Have To Be Removed
A1000 Version:
Optional External Power Supply

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