Amiga Audio Peripherals

Melody 1200, 1200 Plus & Pro

> Company: Kato Development, Germany
> Date: 1998
> Amiga: A1200
> Interface: clock port
> Autoconfig ID: ID2145 / 128

Recording And Playback At 44.1 And 48 KHz, Full Duplex
Analog And Host Part Is Connected Via Ribbon Cable Which Transports Digital Data Only
AHI Driver

Analog Part (Same For All Models)
20 Bit Crystal AD/DA Converter
108 DB Signal To Noise Ratio
9 Pin DSUB Connector For Plugging The Adaptor With 6 RCA Connectors
Two Stereo Line In Connectors (RCA) – Analog Mixed And Value Controlled
One Internal Input For CD-ROM Audio
One Stereo Output Connector (RCA)
Passthrough And Monitoring

Host Part
Connects To Clock Port
Clock Port Passthrough For The Optional RS232 Module, Twister 1200
2 Or 4 KB FIFO Buffer To Prevent Interruption Of Playback And Recording
Melody 1200 Base
20 Bit Resolution
4 KB FIFO Buffer
Melody 1200 Plus
16 Or 20 Bit Resolution
2 KB FIFO Buffer
128 KB RAM For Playback
MPEG 1 Audio Layer I / II Decoder DSP (Texas Instruments TMS320AV110PBM)
Melody 1200 Pro
20 Bit Resolution
4 KB FIFO Buffer
MPEG 2.5 Audio Layer II / III Decoder DSP

Optional Digital I/O Module
Connects To The Ribbon Cable Between The Analog And Host Parts
Crystal A-Lan Controller For Audio Networking
24 Bit Input And Output
Golden RCA And Fibre Connectors
Jobs Like Analog-In To Digital-Out Or Digital-In To Analog-Out Are Done Without The Computer Incorporated

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