Amiga Video Peripherals

Magni 4004, 4004S & 4005

> Company: Magni Systems, USA
> Date: 1988
> Amiga: A2000, A3000, A4000
> Interface: , back side
> Autoconfig ID: ID18260 / 18

4004 NTSC, 4005 PAL
extremely clean and reliable, broadcast quality device for overlaying titles and graphics with the Amiga
built-in system timing and controlled signal edges assure excellent performance upstream or downstream of the switcher
four genlocking modes
sync and burst lock – output video is referenced to the incoming video
burst lock – for editing systems that need to maintain correct SC/H phasing
sync lock – for laying computer graphics over a monochrome signal
internal reference
black burst generator
video mixer – capable of manual, automatic or software controlled transitions
adjustable fade rate, fade level, key level, key normal / invert, quick fade and auto fade to video or to graphics
consists of two cards, connected to each other with ribbon cables
Video Interface – goes to the video slot, the remote control box attaches to its DB25 connector
Encoder / Genlock – installs into an XT slot (takes power only), the breakout cable with four BNC connectors attaches to its DB9 port
uses the 4 bit digital signals of the video slot instead of the analog RGB signal other genlocks use – the board recreates the RGB signal on its own ensuring to meet all broadcast standards
requires modification for A3000 compatibility
optional Magni 4010 remote control box
Magni 4004 & 4005:
Composite Video In
Composite Video Out
External Key In
Key Out / Preview Out / Black Burst Out – the selection is made by jumpers
Magni 4004S:
Composite Video In
S-VHS Out (Amiga graphics only)
Composite Video Out (Amiga + video)
External Key In


Amiga Magni 4004, 4004S & 4005

Front: Magni 4004, 4004S & 4005 front view

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