Amiga Processor Peripherals

Hurricane 500

Company: Daniel Instruments, IMtronics, Switzerland
Date: 1988
Amiga: 500, 2000
Interface: CPU slot
Autoconfig ID: na

68020 @ 14.3 MHz, PGA (synchronous with the A500)
optional 68881 or 68882 up to 33 MHz, PGA (asynchronous)

eight DIP sockets for 1 or 4 MB 32 bit RAM
accepts 256k×4 or 1M×4 DIPs
no waitstates with 70 ns RAM
although the memory is mapped inside the 68000 memory space, it is not DMA-able

connects to the 68000’s socket, the 68000 is replaced onto the board
68000 fallback mode


Amiga Hurricane 500 Front

Front: Hurricane 500 front view

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