Amiga Processor Peripherals


> Company: Ronin / IMtronics, USA
Date: 1987
Amiga: A1000
Interface: 68000 socket
Autoconfig ID: ID2192 / 51

68020 / 68030 @ 14.3 MHz, PGA
The 68030 Needs A Small Passive Adaptor Board (Contains Only The PGA Socket And Some Pull-Up Resistors)
The 68020 Connects Directly To Its Socket, Without The Adaptor
68881 @ 16 Or 20 MHz, PGA
The Board Does Not Work Without The FPU

Optional Memory Board – H1-Memory
32 DIP Sockets Accept Up To 4 MB RAM
Possible Configurations Are 1, 2, 3, 4 MB With 256k&Times;4 DIPs
Does Not Autoconfig The Memory, AddMem Software Is Necessary
Although The Memory Is Mapped Inside The 68000 Memory Space, It Is Not DMA-Able
Has Problems With External Memory Expansions (For Example The Early Revisions Of Golem RAM Box Do Not Work)

Connects Into The 68000 Socket
No 68000 Fallback Mode
Does Not Fit Into The A500 / A2000
Compatible With The A1060 Sidecar Expansion


Amiga Hurricane

Front: Hurricane front view

Amiga Hurricane Memory

Front: Hurricane memory view

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