Amiga Processor Peripherals

Cameron Handy Scanner

> Company: Cameron, US
Date: 1989
Amiga: 500, 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000
Interface: side expansion port, Zorro 2
Autoconfig ID: 43521/16

Handy scanner
five versions:
Type 2: monochrome, 200 dpi, 64 mm scanning width
Type 3: monochrome and 16 gray patterns (monochrome dithered in a 4×4 matrix), 200 dpi, 64 mm scanning width
Type 4: monochrome and 16 gray shades, 200/300/400 dpi, 64 mm scanning width
Type 10: 4096 colours, 90 dpi
Type 14: monochrome and 16/256 gray shades, 100/200/300/400 dpi, 105 mm scan width
supplied with Handy-Painter and Handy-Reader (OCR) softwares
the same scanner is used for Atari and IBM PC scanner interfaces

A2000 interface
half length Zorro II card
DB9 connector on separtae slot cover for attaching the handy scanner

A500 / A1000 interface
connects to the side expansion port
passthrough connector
DB9 connector


Cameron Handy Scanner

Front: Cameron Handy Scanner

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