Amiga Processor Peripherals

GVP G-Force 030

Company: Great Valley Products, US
Date: 1992
Amiga: 2000
Interface: CPU Slot
Autoconfig ID: 2017/11

68EC030 @ 25 / 40 MHz or 68030 @ 50 MHz, PGA
68882 @ 25 / 40 / 50 MHz, PGA – clocked at the same speed as the 68030

25 MHz: 1 MB on board + three SIMM sockets gives 13 MB max
40 / 50 MHz: 4 MB on board + three SIMM sockets gives 16 MB max
supports only special 64 pin 1 or 4 MB 60 ns GVP SIMMs
maximum 8 MB is autoconfigured in the 16 MB address space, the exact amount is set by jumper
the remaining memory is configured as extended memory by the FaaastROM driver

Impact Series II SCSI controller
1.2 MB/s transfer speed
direct DMA transfer to onboard Fast RAM
FaaastROM SCSI driver (gvpscsi.device) – auto booting requires at least Kickstart 1.3
DB25 external connector
50 pin internal header
supported by Linux and NetBSD
optional hard disk mounting kit allows installing any 1″ drive on the back of the card

32 bit expansion bus for the EGS 110/24 graphics board
if the EGS 110/24 is installed no place remains for the hard disk mounting kit
68000 fallback mode switchable either by software or jumper
in 68000 fallback mode RAM and SCSI is also switched off
vKickstart remapping


Amiga GVP G-Force 030 Front

Front: GVP G-Force 030 front view


Amiga GVP G-Force 030 Back

Front: GVP G-Force 030 back view

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