Amiga Games starting from To to V

The Lost Vikings

Amiga The Lost Vikings

Eric the Swift, Olaf the Stout and Baleog the fierce, were kidnapped by Tomator the evil Croutonian ruler. He is is collecting unique life forms to display in his gallery. In order to defeat Tomator, the three Vikings will have to combine their skills. They will also have to deal with a vast array of aliens, robots, giant snails and big lizards.

The Ninja Warriors

Amiga The Ninja Warriors

This two player beat-em-up featured three monitor screens side by side. The Amiga version was developed in letterbox format in order to show as much of the wide screen background graphics as possible.

The Simpsons: Bart vs. the space mutants

Amiga The Simpsons: Bart vs. the space mutants

Bart vs. The Space Mutants involves, you as Bart, stopping the Space Mutants from invading Springfield. On each of the five levels, collect the ingredients that the Space Mutants are planning to use to build their machine, such as purple objects or balloons. While doing this, you must collect enough proof of alien existence to enlist family members to help you when you meet the boss . What makes the game, and your task, tricky is that the Space Mutants are use human bodies as disguise.

The Three Stooges

Amiga The Three Stooges

Here is another cinemaware game. You help Moe, Larry & Curly collect $5000 to try and save an orphanage and the young children who live there from the evil banker. The game shots are particularly well done on the Amiga. The characters look real and the sounds are true to the real characters.


Amiga Thexder

Thexder offers many levels and diverse enemies that gradually increase in difficulty. You pilot a Battletech-style robot capable of switching from a mech into a jet at any time. It is equipped with weapons that auto aim and that use up a fixed amount of rechargeable energy. Should you run out of energy, wait a few seconds to recharge before you can fire again. Your mech also contains a shield that can be activated to protect you. However, it only lasts for a few seconds..

Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends

Amiga Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends

You are Thomas the Tank Engine and you have to take children to the seaside, medicine to the hospital or deliver the mail. Beware of dead ends, level crossings, other trains and vehicles through your route.


Amiga ThunderBlade

Your mission is to ensure that the coup fails to replace the current leader with a dictator using the Gunship Gladiator. The game features 12 levels split into three distinct styles. 1) Fly over the city in your helicopter shooting out tanks by ducking low enough to target them, but also climbing to avoid the skyscrapers in the area. 2) Shoot down helicopters and planes while dodging their bullets as you duck down to shoot the tanks being the main challenge. 3) Destroy the planes mounted on an aircraft carrier.

Time Soldiers

Amiga Time Soldiers

You are a Time Soldier. Rescue five warriors from different time periods: 1) Sirius in the Primitive Age; 2) Laplace in the Age of Rome; 3) Dymos in The World Wars; 4) Alpha in the Age of Rome; 5) Altair in Future World. Each one of them is guarded by one of Gylend’s henchmen. Fight off the enemies that are specific to each time era. Watch out for weapons that enemies drop when they are killed.


Amiga Toobin'

Toobin’ involves racing their river rapids riding on tires. Hazards to watch out for include the crocodiles, stray logs, branches and fishermen. You are well armed with a supply of tin cans you can defend your self with.

Total Carnage

Amiga Total Carnage

In 1999, the war left the country of Kookistan in shambles. The dictator named General Akhboob took control of the beleaguered nation and began creating an army of radioactive mutants. As Captain Carnage or Major Mayhem, your mission is to infiltrate the virtually impenetrable stronghold, rescue the hostages and fight a legion of mutants before killing the evil despot before he dominates the world.

Tower Topper

Amiga Tower Topper

You goal is to blow up eight towers because they are poisoning the water of planets that you are trying to colonise. You must make your way to the top of these towers in order to be successful. Climb your way to the top using walkways around the outside of the towers. To survive your climb, jump over, kick and run from various enemies. Towers are linked together via a voyage through the sea in your trusty MK.7 submarine.

Treasure Island Dizzy

Treasure Island Dizzy

This is Dizzy’s second adventure. As Dizzy, you must explore the strange magic kingdom of Treasure Island. In exploring the island, you will solve many problems and puzzles. And in the end, you will end the terror of the evil Pirates that have been ruling the island.

Trivial Pursuit

Amiga Trivial Pursuit

The game involves answering questions on one of six subject categories to gain moves and answering questions on special squares to gain one of the six Wedges. Questions are based on British TV and sport questions relate to popular British sports. Two game modes are available: 1) Single player, which involves answering questions against the clock. 2) Multiplayer where you can take on up to five human. The game also offers statistical analysis of the game play.


Amiga Turrican

Three-headed demon Morgul has been influencing people’s dreams to create nightmares. However, these nightmares have started to come true. Your mission is to just jump, shoot and explore in an attempt to defeat Morgul.

TV Sports: Football

Amiga TV Sports: Football

Before Electronic Arts sought to imitate television coverage of sports with their EA Sports titles, Cinemaware was already there. Cutscenes follow dramatic moments in the match, and each match is preceded by a TV-style introduction. The game is action-based, but you can choose your plays before executing them.

TV Sports: Football

Amiga TV Sports: Football

Before Electronic Arts sought to imitate television coverage of sports with their EA Sports titles, Cinemaware was already there. Cutscenes follow dramatic moments in the match, and each match is preceded by a TV-style introduction. The game is action-based, but you can choose your plays before executing them.

Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar

Amiga Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar

The fourth game in the series features an improved game engine with colour graphics and better character interaction. In Ultima IV, your goal is to become the Avatar, a role model of sorts for the people of the land. This means upholding the eight virtues and seeking to become a better person. The game has essentially changed it outlook rewarding you for doing the right thing instead of some other monetary reward. The game frowns on back stabbing fleeing monsters or picking up everything that wasn’t nailed down.

Ultima VI: The False Prophet

Amiga Ultima VI: The False Prophet

Untima VI is larger and richer in its graphical environment and interactivity than previous versions. The game features a top-down interface and animated graphics in vivid colours as well as original music, sound effects and thousands of objects to be manipulated.


Amiga Universe

Your mission is to find the fabled lost star as well as a way to defeat the Golden King.


Amiga Vigilante

Your mission is to roam the streets to beat up gang members responsible for kidnapping your girlfriend Maria. The game offers five distinct locations from city streets to a junkyard. Use your fists, feet and a chain.

Vital Light

Amiga Vital Light

Vital Light is an innovative game. You control a small paint gun that contains five different coloured paints and must destroy blocks that are falling toward you by making them all the same colour. Your paint gun is on a roller at the bottom of the screen and horizontal strips of colored blocks fall from the top of the screen at varying speeds.

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