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Shadow of the Beast

Amiga Shadow of the Beast

Aarbron was kidnapped and enslaved by the Priests of the Beast Lord. He grew up on drugs made to destroy his own will and turn him into the Beast Messenger. One day, he noticed a man about to be sacrificed in a ritual. Looking upon his face, it triggered a memory. You realise that this is your father. As his father dies in the altar, you sware an oath to avenge your fathers death.

Shadow of the Beast 2

Amiga Shadow of the Beast 2

The game’s story leaves off from the first game. Game play is just as hard and rewarding as the first game. The introduction, now an Amiga classic, shows the Beast-mage stealing your infant sister and the purpose of the game is to rescue her back. On the way a variety of puzzles, sub-quests and really nasty monsters dog your every step.


Amiga Shanghai

Shanghai is a tile-based game based on the ancient Chinese game of Mah-Jong.

There are 144 tiles with each depicting different images. The only way to remove the pairs is by finding its matching pairs. There are many different designs, all of which are challenging.


Amiga Shinobi

As a ninja, battle your way through each level in search of hostages which must be rescued. You have shurikens, kicks and punches to defend yourself. This may not be alone so feel free to use your magic when times call for it. Ninja magic can clear the screen of enemies in one go. Each level is broken down into smaller scenes and hostages are guarded by big blokes who throw swords. Watch out for gun-toting enemy henchmen and ninjas.

Sid Meier’s Civilization II

Amiga Sid Meier's Civilization II

You start out with a single unit and knowledge of a small local area. Your mission is to build your civilisation into becoming the dominant force. On your quest for domination, education and research are keys to advancing your civilisation. However, spend too much time or money on any one element and you risk being taken over by your enemies. Education and research are important, but then again, so is building a military and a system of government.

Sid Meier’s Pirates

Amiga Sid Meier's Pirates

You are a buccaneer in the golden age of Caribbean Piracy. This very advanced game for its day. It let’s you choose from six different time periods: The Silver Empire from 1560-1600 and War For Profit from 1640-1660 to name a few. Choose one of four nations: English, French, Dutch, Spanish with four difficulty levels and includes five special abilities such as fencing and navigation.

Silent Service

Amiga Silent Service

You are now a member of the Silent Service aboard a US Navy Submarine command during World War II. You are the only forces capable of striking back at the Japanese in the Pacific. Your mission is to take one of the fleet boats and go on extended patrols of up to two months from Hawaii, Australia, or New Zealand. Set your difficulty level and time period, though the game is far more enjoyable on the easiest levels. Keep the time slow unless you have a long distance to travel.

SimAnt: The Electronic Ant Colony

Amiga SimAnt: The Electronic Ant Colony

SimAnt takes the same approach as Simcity to the busy and complex world of ants where you get to control an ant colony. Build up your colony and conquer other colonies in the yard. However, be careful as spiders and humans are out to get you and make your life miserable.

Sim City

Sim City

You are the mayor of a new municipality with the responsibility of building and maintaining a place where citizens and live with all the amenities. Build housing, transport links, schools, factories and shops while maintaining taxation to provide essential services and keep residents happy. Your citizens can be a fickle bunch. At times hey are happy with a 7% taxation, other time they are ready to revolt. However, dropping taxes only provides a small reprieve and if you try to raise them again, your citizens will leave you.

Sim City 2000

Sim City 2000

SimCity 2000 is the sequel to the very popular Sim City. Once again, you are the mayor. This time you can fully customize the terrain before building your city. The graphics are isometric, whereas the original had graphics displayed in a top-down fashion. SimCity 2000 adds many features over the original such as the ability of building light zones, subways, hospitals, colleges, zoos and arcos.

SimEarth: The Living Planet

SimEarth: The Living Planet

This had to be the most ambitious and far-reaching of Maxis? Sim lineage. Your goal is to take charge of an entire planet throughout its 10 billion year lifespan. In order to continue the life, you must eventually guide the planets inhabitants into the stars. As witht he real deal, you will be faced with pollution, disease, famine, war and global warming.

Simon the Sorcerer

Simon the Sorcerer

Simon is just an ordinary boy in an extra-ordinary world. Your mission, as Simon, is to rescue Calypso the Wizard by embarking on a long challenging quest.

Sink or Swim

Sink or Swim

Your name is Kevin Codner rescue mariner extraordinaire answering the distress call of a sinking cruise liner, the SS Lucifer. Your mission is to set off in your submarine and board the ship where a horde of passengers desperately need your keen oversight and shipsmarts. Rescue as many passengers as possible as they fall through a tube in the level. Similar to Lemmings, you have to find a way for the passengers to the exit of the level.

Skeleton Krew

Skeleton Krew

In 2062, Moribund Kadaver assumed control of a cryogenics plant near Monstro City. Kadaver is the mortician who has dabbled in cryogenics ever since he purchased Deadly Enforcement Aggressive Destruction Incorporated, aka DEAD Inc. However, he now has the power to unleash mutants called Psykogenix on the population of Monstro City. Your mission is to stop Kadaver’s nefarious plans. Game play has you visiting several planets: Earth, Mars, Venus and finally Psykogenesis where you must infiltrate DEAD HQ.

Ski or Die

Amiga Ski or Die

Ski or Die lets you compete in 5 different events: 1) Downhill Blitz: Ski downhill over large jumps and chasms while perform stunts in the moguls section. 2) Inner Tube Trash: Descend a mountain in innertubes. Score points by picking up items, perforating your opponents tire with a knife or fork and finishing first. 3) Acro Aerials: Ski down a ramp and score points by performing acrobatic jumps. 4) Snowball Blast: First person snowball fight. Score points by taking out little that attack your snow fortress.


Amiga Skweek

The Skweeks lived in harmony for centuries until Pitark arrived. He ruined their bright pink land by removing the colour. It was only after he died that the Skweeks could clean up the land. Your job is to travel through the 99 continents and clean each one in sequence.


Amiga Sleepwalker

You must stop your sleepwalking master from waking up. Place bridge gaps, beat up baddies, stop Lee falling into water, inflate his own body and float above obstacles in order to keep him sleep walking and from waking up. There is a dream sequence between levels where Ralph can collect various tokens and trigger what he really thinks should happen to Lee. There is a special Amiga 1200 version which has enhanced full motion video and in game graphics.

Smash T.V.

Amiga Sleepwalker

The world’s most popular television show is Smash T.V. is an ultra-violent contest between two armed-to-the-teeth combatants. The contestants are set loose in a series of deadly arenas that are filled to bursting with hordes of mindless beasts and killer robots. The aim of the game is to blast everything in sight while grabbing more cash and prizes than the other guy. Smash T.V. is a crazy shoot-em-up from the creator of Robotron: 2084.

Snow Bros. Nick and Tom

Amiga Snow Bros. Nick and Tom

Evil King Scorch snatches Prince Nick, Prince Tom and their princesses in a snow capped world. Your mission is simple, you must hunt down the evil King Scorch and rescue the princesses. Watch out for various obstacles and enemies, which include several level bosses.

Space Ace

Amiga Space Ace

Following the success of Dragon’s Lair, Don Bluth released this second conversion of his Laserdisc games series. You are Dexter. You must fight the evil madman Borf who kidnapped your girlfriend Kimberly. To make things worse, he is now threatening the world with his dreaded weapon, that turns adults into small children. You must must guide Dexter through many deadly scenes to advance to the next screen.

Space Gun

Amiga Space Gun

You begin deep space exploration in search of new life forms and usable fuel sources. Explorations in the past have been very successful attributing to the dramatic growth of your space industry. However, you managed to find a new species, one that enjoy the taste of humans. You are part of a rescue team that must deal with the alien menace. Gun down the intruders and pick up the human survivors.

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