Amiga Games starting from P to R

PGA European Tour

Amiga PGA European Tour

European Tour features five courses from across Europe and 60 European pros rather than the US-leaned lineup of the original. The graphics have been refined with more detailed and more colorful. As well as the Stroke Play games of the original, two additional modes have been added: Match Play and Skins.

PGA Tour Golf

Amiga PGA Tour Golf

Electronic Arts’ first golf simulation introduced many of the conventions commonly seen in the genre ever since. The three-click control method to first to start the swing, the second setting power and over-swingadn the third setting draw or fade. While providing for a multitude of different shots, it also allowed for an increased level of difficulty. The game includes four courses with with bunkers, water hazards and trees. When playing a tournament there are 60 opponents, each representing top US golfers – ten of these appear with tactical advice for each hole.

Pinball Dreams

Amiga Pinball Dreams

Pinball Dreams provides several different pinball tables in this vertical scrolling game. Tables include: 1) Wild West; 2) Space Rockets; 3) Haunted churchyard; 4) Pop Music.

Pinball Fantasies

Amiga Pinball Fantasies

The sequel features four new tables. The tables are: 1) Partyland; 2) Speed Devils; 3) Billion Dollar Gameshow; 4) Stones ‘n’ Bones. Game play has not changed much and is still contains realistic physics, multi-player options and a high score table.

Pinball Illusions

Amiga Pinball Illusions

Pinball Illusions is the successor to the Pinball Fantasies and uses the same game engine. The tables include: 1) Babewatch; 2) Law & Justice; 3) Extreme Sports; 4) The Vikings. These contain ramps, bonus areas and combo sequences to set up.


Amiga Pit-Fighter

Pit-Fighter is a 3rd-person fighting game featuring digitised graphics of real fighters. Players select one of three fighters: Buzz, Ty or Kato. At the conclusion of a match, players are individually awarded a Knockout Bonus, Brutality Bonus, and a Fight Purse. The third match in the series tests your skill against that of your opponents. The last man standing is the winner. Fight your way to the final elimination round with the chance to dethrone the Masked Warrior.


Amiga Platoon

This game recreates each of the sections of the film starting with a journey through the jungle. You need to blow up a bridge, locate a village that contains a torch, a map and a trap-door. The enemy has booby-trapped the area and are launching air strikes. The next section has you moving through a network of tunnels in search of flares and a compass. After escaping this the tunnels, you get to spend the night in a bunker. However, sleep is not an option. Shoot the enemy before they can shoot you.

Pool of Radiance

Amiga Pool of Radiance

You and and your party first helped the city of Phlan defeat many evils. Your mission is to create a party and manoeuvre it through 1st-perspective dungeons and overhead-view turn-based sequences.


Amiga Populous

You play a god, gaming against other gods in a celestial game of conquest. Help your chosen people take over the world and wipe out the vermin who worship that other gods. This game is very similar in concept to games like civilisation and rise of nations. The game starts with a single human dumped into the middle of the wilderness. To get win, change the landscape to allow your followers to build on.

Power Drift

Amiga Power Drift

Race dune buggies at high speed on a variety of tracks. There are five tracks to choose from, each with five stages. The stages range from cities, to deserts to tracks over water. To make it tot he next level, place third or higher. Fnish all five levels and you get to playthe bnus level.

Power Drive

Amiga Power Drive

In this arcade style rally driving game, use your hand-brake to make turns and lurid power slides. There are 3 types of stages including individual time-trials, head-to-head races against the computer and some skill tests. The game includes eight rounds of game play set across countries ranging from Sweden to Kenya. Prize money is awarded for winning races and you can use the money to repair damage.


Amiga Powermonger

Powermonger is largely based on Populous. Your role is that of a warlord plundering your way through 195 territories on the way to world conquest. However, you are not alone in your goal. Trade, diplomacy, inventions and scorched earth invasions all play a key role in how you progressed through the game.

Predator 2

Amiga Predator 2

You are Lieutenant Mike Harrington, an LA Cop caught up in the city’s worst nightmare. An alien species has come to town and he’s got some carnage to reign. Are you up to stopping him? Use power-ups to defeat your enemies and save the innocent civilians.


Amiga Premiere

Six film reels were stolen from your film studios by a rival company. Your mission is to rescue them from within the sets and backstage rooms where they have been hidden. This is a dangerous set like no others and you will need weapons do defend yourself. After each level. you will have to pass through a film scene.

Prince of Persia

Amiga Prince of Persia

The Grand Vizier Jaffar has thrown you into a dark dungeon and plans to marry the girl of your dreams in an hour. You’re not going to let that happen are you? Try to escape from the dungeon, take out Jaffar’s guards, find your way through the sultan’s palace and defeat Jaffar himself. Now go, you’ve got 60 minutes!


Amiga Qix

In this game, you paint your territory. You draw rectangles and other shapes to claim your territory and you can either draw these rectangles fast or slow. Drawing the rectangles using the slow method awards you the most points. Once a rectangle is drawn, the console colours it in. While drawing the rectangles, you need to watch out for Qix and Sparks who travel around the border trying to prevent you from occupying enough territory to make it to the next level.


Amiga Quake

The enemy, codename ‘Quake’, is believed to be an alien entity that is using teleporter gates to invade Earth. You are a soldier who arrives at the base only to find out Quake has killed everyone. Your mission is to find the teleporter to Quake’s realm while fighting your way through countless hordes of monsters there for you to execute your revenge.


Amiga Quartet

You have a simple mission defeat the level-ending boss in order to obtain the key that will open the level exit. Your mission is made difficult by the planet’s inhabitants. Use your jet-pack to navigate the level, shooting any inhabitants in the way. The dead inhabitants leave behind items that will increase your score once collected. Keep moving as the inhabitants will regenerate and come after you again.

Quik the Thunder Rabbit

Amiga Quik the Thunder Rabbit

There are four worlds including ice, desert and fields and there are multiple routes. You can get past the bad guys by spinning at them, although jumping over them is often sufficient. The power-ups on offer include speed ups, energy, food and water.


Amiga R-Type

The R-9 comes equipped as standard fighting class craft and a small gun which can only take down the smallest of enemies without firing several shots. However, the game offers many chances to upgrade to more powerful weapons and more attachments to your ship. R-Type stages have an organic style to them which were inspired by H. R. Giger’s artwork for the Alien movies.

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