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Back to the Future Part II

Amiga Back to the Future Part II

Back to the Future III is a collection of four acts. In this game series, Marty McFly and Doc Brown are back in 1885. This game takes four scenes from the Hollywood movie Back to the Future III and turns them into arcade sequences: 1) Buckboard Chase: Doc Brown goes horseback riding to save Hill Valley’s lovely school teacher Clara. You get. 2) Shooting Gallery: This is a simple aim-and-shoot game with hidden extras and bonus targets.

Back to the Future Part III

Amiga Back to the Future Part III

Back to the Future II is a collection of five arcade and puzzle games. Based on the second installment of the popular Hollywood series Back to the Future, this movie conversion has Marty McFly and Doc Brown travel through time to stop their arch-rival Biff from changing the future. The game consists of five parts, each inspired by one of the movie’s most memorable scenes.

Bad Dudes

Amiga Bad Dudes

Back to the Future II is a collection of five arcade and puzzle games. Based on the second installment of the popular Hollywood series Back to the Future, this movie conversion has Marty McFly and Doc Brown travel through time to stop their arch-rival Biff from changing the future. The game consists of five parts, each inspired by one of the movie’s most memorable scenes.

Bad Street Brawler

Amiga Bad Street Brawler

Bad Street Brawler is another fighting game. You play the role of an unproportionally large man with huge arms and legs, who goes about wiping the streets with scumbags. Survive ten levels of super-ridiculous moves and punches, kicking the crap out of everyone and everything you see and you win.


Amiga Ballistix

Psygnosis’ Ballistix is an arcade game in which you have to manipulate a ball in order to score a goal with your opponent. Sound simple eh? Well, there is always a catch. You get to control an arrow which defines direction and pressing the fire key will launch a ball from this arrow in the direction the arrow points to. The ball doesn’t always seem to follow the arrow as designed, though we have been told this is a problem with the user. Oh, and watch out for the obstacles.


Amiga Base Jumpers

Players run up to the top of towers trying to combine three letter pickups to collect plain daft bonuses like 500 different three letter combinations and then jump off the building and base jump down the outside. The last player to avoid hitting the building and successfully open their parachute before becoming pavement art wins the round.

Batman Returns

Amiga Batman Returns

Gotham City is rampant with crime. Oswald Cobblepot, known as The Penguin, is planning more mayhem and has a plan to take over the city. His loyal army of missle-packing Penguin Commandos and the bizarre Red Triangle Circus Gang trained and ready to carry out his plans. Your job is to prevent his plans from coming true. After beating your enemies, conduct interrogations to learn more about the Penguins plans.

Battle Chess

Amiga Battle Chess

This has to be a classic. Battle Chess is responsible for many people who would have never played the game to pick it up. The game has the same rules as the board game. How it differs is what happens when a piece is taken. Both pieces do battle and with the outcome already determined based on whichever player had their piece captured. The Amiga platform offered the greatest level of detail due to its extensive colour pallet.


Amiga Battletoads

Zitz, Rash and Pimple are three toads with unique fighting abilities similar to those of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Now these guys like to party. Unfortunately, one night they get distracted by a dancer who happens to be the Dark Queen. Well, everything goes down hill from there. Your mission is to chase the Dark Queen and rescue Rash and Pimple.

Beneath a Steel Sky

Amiga Beneath a Steel Sky

Futuristic Australia is a country of many giant cities owned solely by corporations and separated by a giant wasteland known as The Gap. When Robert Foster’s Gap-dwelling tribe is killed by soldiers from Union City, he narrowly escapes from the helicopter bringing him there as it inexplicably crashes. As Robert, you must search the decaying city attempting to befriend both the snobby rich and the frustrated poor as the two attempt to get out of the city.


Amiga Benefactor

As Ben E Factor, you must travel through the six moons of Minniat on which the peaceful and good-natured people of Lullyat have been kidnapped. Each man has a unique skill. Make sure to release them in the right order to take advantage of that particular skill. Some of the men have grey suits, which marks them out as joyless and awkward characters which must be guided through a coloring machine.

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure

Amiga Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure

Based on the movie about two slackers, Bill & Ted- Rufus, a time travelling dude from the future, use the time travelling phone booth to go back in time to many different eras collecting items and getting historical dudes to follow you. However, some dudes won’t come unless you can bribe them with the right object. You must get them to follow you back to modern times so you can pass a history report and keep your band together.

Bionic Commando

Amiga Bionic Commando

You have a bionic arm that extends and contracts allowing you to grab on to fixed objects to swing around and climb up levels. Your mission is to infiltrate the enemy fortress and find Super Joe and then take out the evil leader Generalissimo Kilt.

Black Lamp

Amiga Black Lamp

Your goal is to find and collect several coloured lamps and bring them back one at a time to a case located in the first room. Collect several bonuses along the way while fighting off many creatures along the way. The ultimate goal is to bring all the colored lamps back to the case, including the elusive Black Lamp.

Blades of Steel

Blades of Steel

Blades Of Steel is an arcade-based hockey game. There are no stats to follow or worry about, just start the game and play. On occasion, a fight will break out. When this happens, you get to control your player. The loser of the fight spends time in the penalty box. The referee will break up fights that go on too long, and calls a few penalties such as icing.


Amiga Blockout

Blockout is a Tetris clone in 3D. Rotate the blocks in order to fit them into the pit. Advanced users can play with odd three-dimensional pieces or change the size of the pit for depth of between 6 and 18 piles.

Amiga BMX Simulator

Amiga BMX Simulator

In this racing game, there are seven courses incorporating ramps and bumps that significantly affect the bike’s handling. Complete each course before your time is up or it’s game over.

Bomb Jack

Amiga Bomb Jack

Bram Stoker’s Dracula is based on the 1992 film of the same name. Gameplay varies greatly from platform to platform, but they all retain the same plot based on the movie: You control a young lawyer named Jonathan Harker. And as Harker, you must free yourself from Dracula’s capture, then follow him to London and end his reign of terror.

Bonanza Bros

Amiga Bonanza Bros

Your job is to collect items that have been placed inside various buildings in order to test the security force. If you return the items successfully, you will be rewarded. You only have three minutes to complete your tasks, which is made more difficult because the building is packed with security guards.Use your guns to knock the guards unconscious. You must collect all the treasures before leaving the ten buildings and shoot any security guards that get in your way.

Bump N Burn

Amiga Bump N Burn

Mario Kart is taken one step further in this racer. The courses are quite lengthy and are laden with hazards and power-ups such as oil slicks and homing missiles. The computer cars appear to be faster when behind you than when in front on you, which provides for a more challenging game.

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