Amiga Audio Peripherals


> Company: Great Valley Products, US
Date: 1993
Amiga: all
Interface: parallel port
Autoconfig ID: na

Product Specifications
DSS – Digital Sound Studio
8 bit stereo soundsampler
up to 51.136 kHz sampling rate in mono and 42.613 in stereo
adjustable input levels through 256 steps for both the right and left channels independently
auto gain – automatic adjustment of input levels
integrated low pass filter, programmable through 128 steps, also with automatic adjustment option
work on up to 31 samples in memory
load and save in RAW, IFF and Sonix with 1, 3 or 5 octaves
controllable from ARexx
audio connections:
1× stereo input (2× RCA)
1× microphone input (3.5 mm jack)
connects to the parallel port

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