Amiga Network Peripherals

DoubleTalk (A500)

> Company: Progressive Peripherals & Software, USA
> Date: 1991
> Amiga: A500
> Interface: side expansion port
> Autoconfig ID: ID756 / 2

existing AppleTalk networks:
unlimited number of Macs may be networked
230,4 kbit/s transfer speed (AppleTalk standard)
cannot access Macs with MacOS 7.x or later
can share files and printers
Amiga only networks:
up to 32 Amigas may be networked
460,8 kbit/s transfer speed (between other DoubleTalk or Emplant cards)
allows any Amiga to function simultaneously as a file server, printer server or client
can share large RAM disks
supports network distributive software to take advantage of the processing power of several networked Amigas
512 kB ROM
phone jack network adapter
additional DB25 serial port for the Amiga – due to a misdesign this serial port is not available as long as the AppleTalk connector is connected (it uses the same hardware interrupt)
connects to the side expansion port
software utilities: Network Manager, AutoLogoff, AutoPublish, password security, NetMail


Amiga DoubleTalk (A500)

Front: DoubleTalk (A500) front view

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