Amiga Video Peripherals

Digi-Gen II

> Company: Peter Biet Computerdesign, Germany
> Date: 1993
> Amiga: any Amiga
> Interface: RGB port
> Autoconfig ID: ID2129 / 9

composite input, output and bypass (3x RCA)
Y/C input, output and bypass (3x mini-DIN)
two RGB inputs (for connecting two Amigas), one output and one bypass (4x DB9)
transcoding between composite and Y/C
the video and RGB sources have to be selected manually by switches
brightness, contrast, colour, red, green and blue adjustment knobs
keying, luma keyingt and inverse keying
five sliders – level, fader, wipe, wipe with sound, luma key
vertical, horizontal and diagonal wipes
timer knob for setting the duration of automatic effects – can be adjusted during effects for dynamic results
test pattern generator
blackburst generator for recording Amiga graphics without incoming video signal
built in automatic color splitter for Deluxe View and DigiView Gold digitizers
the Digi-Gen II has to be connected to the Amiga’s joystick ports
the digitizer is fed with composite video signal through the DI output connector (RCA)
PAL only
internal power supply
two stereo inputs (4x RCA)
microphone input
stereo output (2x RCA)
four level adjustment sliders for the three input channels and for the output

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