Amiga Emulation Peripherals

Amiga Crosslink

Company: Mark Tomlinson, New Zealand
Date: 1995
Amiga: A2000, A3000, A4000
Interface: Zorro II, ISA
Autoconfig ID: ID767 / 0


IDE Controller
Allows Using Of Inexpensive ISA Cards On The Amiga
Does Not Support ISA DMA Transfers (Which Is Required For PC Floppies)
SANA-II Drivers For NE1000 And NE2000 Compatible ISA Network Cards Are Supplied
Supported By OpenBSD

IDE Controller
Autoboot ROM (Xlide.Device)
Supports The RDB Standard, But Filesystems Are Not Loadable From The RDB
Can Use An MFM / RLL 16 Bit Controller Instead Of The IDE Interface

Serial Interface
Two Onboard Serial Ports (Xlser.Device)
Can Be Activated By Plugging In One Or Two 8250, 16450 Or 16550A UART Chips
DB25 And DB9 Connectors


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