Amiga Processor Peripherals

Commodore A2630

> Company: Commodore, US
Date: 1989
Amiga: 2000
Autoconfig ID: CPU slot

68030 @ 25 MHz, PGA
68882 @ 25 MHz, PGA
can be upgraded to 50 MHz with CSA’s Rocket Launcher

2 or 4 MB RAM on board
capable of DMA, but does not support burst mode
16 or 32 256k×4 page mode ZIPs 80-100 ns
expansion slot for third party RAM boards
DKB 2632 accepts 112 MB of SIMMs
Access 32 accepts 32 MB of ZIPs
RAM can be disabled or autoconfigured by setting a jumper

jumper selects whether autoboot into AmigaDOS or UNIX
boot ROMs below rev 6 are incompatible with Kickstart 2.0 and above
the ROM address space overlaps the upper 256 kB of the 512 kB Kickstart ROMs (Kickstart 1.3 is 256 kB only)
by the time AmigaOS loads, the boot ROMs are supposed to be off but due to a bug in the A26x0 ROM code they remain active, causing an address space collision
fitting a rev 6 or 7 ROM pair solves the problem
in 68000 fallback mode the RAM is still available

Jumper Settings
J301 – RAM size: ON – 2 MB, OFF – 4 MB
J302 – B2000: ON – german A2000
J303 – RAM autoconfig: ON – disabled
J304 – OS: ON – UNIX, OFF – AmigaOS

rev 6
J202 – FPU clock: ON – same as CPU clock
J200 – reserved

rev 9
J202 – FPU clock: 1-2 – same as CPU clock, 2-3 – from oscillator U203


Amiga Commodore A2630 Front

Front: Commodore A2630 front view, rev 9

Amiga Commodore A2630 Back

Front: Commodore A2630 back view

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