Amiga CD32 Games Starting with A to Cr


Amiga CD32 Akira

In the first few levels you have to guide the main character Kaneda through an obstruction filled road on your motorcycle. Obstacles come from roadblocks, holes in the road that must be jumped with the use of a ramp and a variety of characters on the road who throw bombs at you. Clear the roadblocks using your grenades that you pick up by knocking over traffic cones. If you run our of fuel before the level ends, the game ends and you must try again.

Alfred Chicken

Amiga CD32 Alfred Chicken

As Alfred the chicken, you must rescue your friends and his bird Floella from the Meka Chickens. The result is a platform game across differently-themed levels that are finished by either climbing to the top of the level or killing a boss. Alfred cannot fly, but he can use ramps to jump up and hit enemies with his bionic beak, which kills them, but any other contact will hurt Alfred. Watch out for spiked snails and other enemies include whales armed with guns and stray bombs.

Alien Breed 3D

Amiga CD32 Alien Breed 3D

Team 17 were famed for pushing the Amiga to its limits with a string of hits stretching back to 1991. The first major hit was Alien Breed, a Gauntlet-style shoot ’em up which spawned three sequels, including a budget-priced special edition. This release was in a similar vein but set into a 3D context, making for the Amiga’s first big Doom-style game. The 3D engine uses fairly small screen graphics but these include full floors and ceilings with detailed shading, doors, vertical position variations, lifts and transporters.

Alien Breed Tower Assult

Amiga CD32 Alien Breed Tower Assult

A scientific outpost on a far off planet has been attacked. As nothing is known about the attackers, a team of marines is dispatched to investigate and destroy the unknown invaders. As their dropships enter the atmosphere and approach the base, the defence lasers, damaged in the onslaught, move into action. They launch wild bursts of laser fire at the approaching marines, who are not prepared and take heavy losses. Rookies Nash and Jordan crash-land, and must fight off the alien force.

Arabian Nights

Amiga Arabian Nights

In Arabian Nights, you play Sinbad Jr., a gardener at the royal palace who loves to sneak a peek at the princess every now and again. One day, Sinbad looks up and sees a huge demon kidnapping the princess. He dashes to save the princess, only to be caught by the palace guards and thrown in the dungeon. There are nine levels in the game.

ATR: All Terrain Racing

Amiga ATR: All Terrain Racing

An overhead racing game from Team 17 featuring a variety of circuits including snow, forest and seaside based ones. Most levels have long and short ways round that add a hint of navigation and strategy to the proceedings. Unlike Overdrive, there is a variety of corners rather than just 90-degree ones.


Amiga Base Jumpers

Players run up to the top of towers trying to combine three letter pickups to collect plain daft bonuses like 500 different three letter combinations and then jump off the building and base jump down the outside. The last player to avoid hitting the building and successfully open their parachute before becoming pavement art wins the round.

Battle Chess

Amiga Battle Chess

This has to be a classic. Battle Chess is responsible for many people who would have never played the game to pick it up. The game has the same rules as the board game. How it differs is what happens when a piece is taken. Both pieces do battle and with the outcome already determined based on whichever player had their piece captured. The Amiga platform offered the greatest level of detail due to its extensive colour pallet.


Amiga Battletoads

Zitz, Rash and Pimple are three toads with unique fighting abilities similar to those of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Now these guys like to party. Unfortunately, one night they get distracted by a dancer who happens to be the Dark Queen. Well, everything goes down hill from there. Your mission is to chase the Dark Queen and rescue Rash and Pimple.

Beneath a Steel Sky

Amiga CD32 Battletoads

Futuristic Australia is a country of many giant cities owned solely by corporations and separated by a giant wasteland known as The Gap. When Robert Foster’s Gap-dwelling tribe is killed by soldiers from Union City, he narrowly escapes from the helicopter bringing him there as it inexplicably crashes. As Robert, you must search the decaying city attempting to befriend both the snobby rich and the frustrated poor as the two attempt to get out of the city.


Amiga Benefactor

As Ben E Factor, you must travel through the six moons of Minniat on which the peaceful and good-natured people of Lullyat have been kidnapped. Each man has a unique skill. Make sure to release them in the right order to take advantage of that particular skill. Some of the men have grey suits, which marks them out as joyless and awkward characters which must be guided through a coloring machine.

Brian the Lion

Amiga CD 32 Brian the Lion

You play Brian, the lion and you must carry out the task of rescuing your friend Chris who was kidnapped by Geeza the Dragon. However, you must watch out for Barry the Bear and Graeme the Gorilla that are out to prevent you from your goal. Your must run through each level and destroy all the enemies that get in your way. Along the way, collect the crystals so that you can use them at the shop to buy extra lives, credits, heavenly hit points, jinormous jumps, really raj roars and splendid speed.

Brutal Sports Football

Amiga CD 32 Brutal Sports Football

This game is similar to Speedball 2 in many ways. The matches last seven minutes and the aim is to get the ball into a goal at each end, which is guarded by a net-minder. The ball can be thrown or kicked and is an oval resulting in frequent up-and-under type kicks. Game play is fast. There is only one rule, if you can’t get the ball, get the man and decapitate him if possible.

Bubba ‘n’ Stix

Amiga CD 32 Bubba 'n' Stix

Bubba is a happy-go-lucky animal delivery guy for the local Zoo. One day while going about his daily routine, Bubba is abducted by an alien that plans on delivering him along with several other aliens. On the way back to his home planet, the alien spacecraft loses control and crashes. Bubba, the other aliens and Stix escape with Bubba and Stix become friends and starting on their journey home. Take control of Bubba and try to find your way back home.

Bubble and Squeak

Amiga CD 32 Bubble and Squeak

Controlling a bald child, you move through a scrolling array of ledges while avoiding contact with nasties who release coins when shot. Halfway through the first of the 30 levels, you will meet Squeak and the full nature of the game starts. Squeak is a blue alien who must be guided through the levels, as he cannot jump as high as you, he must sometimes be instructed to wait while you flick a switch or otherwise solve the puzzle of how to guide him through.

Bump N Burn

Amiga Bump N Burn

Mario Kart is taken one step further in this racer. The courses are quite lengthy and are laden with hazards and power-ups such as oil slicks and homing missiles. The computer cars appear to be faster when behind you than when in front on you, which provides for a more challenging game.

Cannon Fodder

Amiga Cannon Fodder

Guide a team of up to four soldiers through 72 levels of combat in this innovative top-down action strategy hybrid. In fact, Cannon fodder was so popular it has been ported to many game console and computer platforms. The characters are controlled indirectly using the mouse, as you activate each soldier or group of them by highlighting them. Your characters can cross water of any depth, but cannot shoot while they are swimming.

Chambers of Shaolin

Chambers of Shaolin

The game consists of two parts: 1) Train your character in the various chambers of Shaolin. Each exercise includes balancing on trees, kicking a pendulum and dodging objects. Improve your stamina and strength by performing these exercises and you will do well in part 2. 2) Fight your way through your opponents and advance level by level by successfully beating your opponents.

Chuck Rock

Amiga Chuck Rock

Your mission is to patrol the streets as an undercover agent and track down five criminals. Pay attention to the mission briefing before starting off. Your briefings will give you valuable information such as what car the suspects drive. Avoid crashing in to other cars while you search for the suspect.

Chuck Rock II:Son of Chuck

Amiga Chuck Rock II:Son of Chuck

Your mission is to patrol the streets as an undercover agent and track down five criminals. Pay attention to the mission briefing before starting off. Your briefings will give you valuable information such as what car the suspects drive. Avoid crashing in to other cars while you search for the suspect.

Crazy Cars III

Amiga Crazy Cars III

The game offers many great cars at wild discounts including your starting out car that is the basic Lamborghini at $6000. Your aim is to rise to the top of the four divisions of racing through success on 60 racetracks across America. When the police are in the area, speeding beyond 110km/h could see you branded as an offender. This is bad as it will get the police after you, trying to run you off the road.


Amiga D/Generation

Something has gone horribly wrong at Genoq Biolabs, Singapore. After being sent to deliver a package, you become trapped inside the building. The security system is not working and genetically engineered creatures are on a rampage. You goal is to make it through 10 floors of action and puzzles while trying to stay alive and discover what’s going on. Talk to and rescue survivors, pick up armaments and log into computer terminals. You will find the answers to many questions

Dangerous Streets

Amiga CD32 Dangerous Streets

A two game compilation that came packaged with the Amiga CD32 system. It includes the 2D one-on-one fighting game Dangerous Streets, and an AGA-enhanced version of the futuristic space-combat simulator Wing Commander.

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