Amiga CD32 Games Starting with To to Z

Top Gear 2

Amiga Top Gear 2

This third-person racing game resembles Gremlin’s earlier Lotus series in its general look and feel. Your task is to race through 16 countries with many real-world circuits recreated such as Monza layout in Ayers Rock and the old Hockenheim in Vancouver. Race in four-race blocks and finish in the top 10 to continue. Money is earned by those placing in the top six positions with the most money going to those in the top positions. Spend your money on various upgrades ranging from engine to tires and from shock to gearboxes.

Total Carnage

Amiga Total Carnage

In 1999, the war left the country of Kookistan in shambles. The dictator named General Akhboob took control of the beleaguered nation and began creating an army of radioactive mutants. As Captain Carnage or Major Mayhem, your mission is to infiltrate the virtually impenetrable stronghold, rescue the hostages and fight a legion of mutants before killing the evil despot before he dominates the world.

Trivial Pursuit

Amiga Trivial Pursuit

The game involves answering questions on one of six subject categories to gain moves and answering questions on special squares to gain one of the six Wedges. Questions are based on British TV and sport questions relate to popular British sports. Two game modes are available: 1) Single player, which involves answering questions against the clock. 2) Multiplayer where you can take on up to five human. The game also offers statistical analysis of the game play.


Amiga Trolls

You play a Troll roaming the levels in the hope of rescuing as many baby trolls as possible. Each level has a specified minimum that must be retrieved. Starting without any weapons, be careful encountering the baddies until you are well equipped. Pick up the letters B,O,N,U,S and G to spell out Bonus or Bogus to the appropriate extra level. You can also gain an extra life as well.


Amiga Universe

Your mission is to find the fabled lost star as well as a way to defeat the Golden King.

Vital Light

Amiga Vital Light

Vital Light is an innovative game. You control a small paint gun that contains five different coloured paints and must destroy blocks that are falling toward you by making them all the same colour. Your paint gun is on a roller at the bottom of the screen and horizontal strips of colored blocks fall from the top of the screen at varying speeds.

Wembly International Soccer

Amiga Wembly International Soccer

This is a football game that emphasises one-touch passing with a picture-in-picture window displayed when you are making a long pass. Sixty-four international teams are included with the chance to play a full league of competition or even the World Cup. Formation and tactics is offered at the beginning of the match.

Whale’s Voyage

Amiga Whale's Voyage

Explore the Alien planets of the 24th century with their sinister worlds and cities inhabited by strange sometimes violent people. Learn to tell friend from foe as you try to outwit traders. The competition is intense but the rewards are great as you strive to financially secure your race. Select your crew members and take your spaceship to the other solar planets whilst battling against marauding pirate ships.

Wild Cup Soccer

Amiga Wild Cup Soccer

Following Brutal Sports Football comes a Soccer version with similar game play in time for the 1994 World Cup. A number of vicious moves include tackles, lethal head-butts and shoulder barges. If a game finishes drawn, it goes into a Penalty Shoot Out that involves going round shooting the opposition.


Amiga Worms

Worms features four teams of four worms where you must destroy the others on a generated terrain. You are armed with a wide range of weapons: 1) Bazookas; 2) Grenades; 3) Fire Punch; 4) Dynamite; 5) Air strikes. Shots leave craters in the ground where and complex tunnels can be formed. Be sure to make your move before time runs out.

X-COM: UFO Defense

Amiga X-COM: UFO Defense

The UFOs are invading our skies and reports of human and bovine abductions are increasing daily. XCOM is the eXtraterrestrial COMbat unit that was founded as an international force to combat the alien menace. You start off with one base, two fighters, one transport and a few soldiers that you must use to stop the alien threat. You get a rotating view of the globe where you see all visible UFOs as well as major cities and your bases.


Amiga Zool

You are Zool, a special ninja. You goal is simple: run and jump, climb walls and shoot your enemies. Obtain power-ups to make your goal easier to achieve. In the options you can change the difficulty and the game-speed two times, the continues and the background music (Rock or Funk).

Zool 2

Amiga Zool 2

The sequel to Zool sees him take on Mental Block and Krool across 15 levels. While game play is similar to the original, you can now scale walls and have a few more attack moves.

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