Amiga CD32 Games Starting with Gl to Mi


Amiga Gloom

As the title implies, Gloom is another attempt at recreating Doom for the Amiga. In 1995 this was a big target for programmers as it was felt that the Amiga 1200 was capable of bringing the first person 3D action to life. With Commodore bankruptcy in 1994, no new hardware was released.


Amiga Guardian

Guardian is a fast shoot ’em up where you skim over the surface of a planet quickly shooting down enemies down with the hope of protecting as may of the installations as possible. The more installations that you can protect, the faster you earn extra lives. The game offers plenty of power-ups including enhanced weaponry and shields.CD32 controllers are recommended.

Gunship 2000

Amiga Gunship 2000

Take the new Longbow Apache, The Blackhawk, Commanche Scout, Commanche Gunship or the MD-500 Defender on campaigns and missions. The updated graphics engine has much more detailed terrain variation with true valleys and hills. After being promoted, you can take along multiple helicopters to accomplish your objectives. The dynamic campaign generates new missions based on multiple maps.

Humans 3: Evolution Lost in Time

Amiga Humans 3: Evolution Lost in Time

Zoo keepers from an alien world have scoured human history to steal seven important figures from different epochs. Your mission is to rescue them and in order to do so, you must explore four worlds to find the six pieces of their time machine. All this must be done while you avoid the chasing aliens. Game play is influenced by Lemmings, and as such, each of your characters have their own abilities, including fire-creation, grabbing and smashing. Use each one’s ability to beat the various puzzles.

Impossible Mission 2025

Amiga Impossible Mission 2025

Ikari Warriors was a very popular 1980s arcade game that proved to be just as popular when ported to multiple game consoles and home computers. Fight your way through a variety of terrain such as jungles, rivers, and ruins. Power up with weapons that can be found along the way. Ikari Warriors can also be played with two players at the same time in co-operative mode.

International Open Golf Championship

Amiga International Open Golf Championship

The game features many varied forms of golf including: 1) Skins; 2) Foursomes; 3) Matchplay; 4) Strokeplay; 5) Practice; 6) Fourball. All levels of difficulty are available starting of as an amateur and working through to professional. The landscape is realistically portrayed in real-time 3D with a bird’s eye tracking shots of your strokes while presenting you with information on each and every shot allowing the player to get a better understanding of each course.

James Pond 2: Codename: RoboCod

Retrieve the toys stolen by Dr Maybe. You are armed with an Inspector Gadget-style stretch device, which you can use to view higher areas or claw onto ceilings so as to slide across them. On each level, collect two penguins and reach the exit. After completing each pair of two worlds, a boss must be faced.

James Pond 3: Operation Starfish

Unlike the first game of the series, that was a mission-based game and the second one where your character had unique abilities such as observing the whole level and growing to unlimited height, the third instalment is a standard jump and run platform game. Pond can run very quickly through large levels that can often contain steep mountain sides and other tricky areas. A lot has changed, but your mission is the same, oppose the evil scientist Maybe and his minions.


Amiga Jetstrike

There was a massive attempt to bribe government officials in many countries with the end result being to destroy SPUDD. As the situation has worsened and SPUDD’s forces grew in strength, various agencies set up an underground task force that will combat the growing threat. In Jetstrike your mission is to stop the devious SPUDD forces by attacking them with your jet.

John Barnes’ European Football

John Barnes European Football

John Barnes’s European Football was released to coincide with the 1992 European Football Championships. Game play is similar to Manchester United Europe title, though unlike Manchester United Europe, only a small amount of the pitch is visible at a time. This makes the game faster, but makes long-range passing harder.Control is precise and the ball sticks to your feet to some extent. The only teams included are the eight qualifiers for the 1992 European Championships.

Jungle Strike

Amiga Jungle Strike

Some time after Operation Desert Strike, the son of Kilbaba S.R threatens to annihilate America. After his father was killed, the people who were under his control sent his son running off along with his father’s money and nuclear weapons program. Kilbaba, is more ruthless than his father and is tempered by his revenge of his father’s death. His goal is to shed the blood of those who killed him, the Americans.

Kid Chaos

Amiga Kid Chaos

Kid Chaos is transported into the future from the stone age by evil scientists. As Kid Chaos, you must fight your way through artificial environments such as the Secret Garden, Toxic Wasteland, Toy Factory, Techno Fortress and the Ruined City. Your end goal is to reach the time machine and be transported back home. There are essentially 20 levels that you must complete. Should you lose your health or if the time expires, you lose a life and have to restart the level all over again.

Kingpin: Arcade Sports Bowling

Amiga Kingpin: Arcade Sports Bowling

Kingpin: Arcade Sports Bowling supports six players who can be human or CPU-controlled.

Last Ninja 2: Back with a Vengeance

Amiga Last Ninja 3

The third in the Last Ninja series sees you as Armakuni, the Last Ninja drawn into battle with the evil Shogun Kunitoki. Taking place at the temples of Tibet, the source of the Last Ninja’s mystical strength, the Shogun intends to corrupt these Buddhist temples and to destroy the source of power for Armakuni and his emerging Ninja brotherhood. Game play contains a mix of martial arts combat, puzzles involving various objects you find on your way and navigating your way around obstacles.


Amiga Lemmings

Lemmings became a runaway hit being ported to many game consoles and home computers. You have the difficult job of rescuing the Lemmings across 120 levels. These are simply and friendly creatures, but they tend to walk blindly through the world in the hope of reaching safety at the end of the level. Unfortunately, these levels include steep drops, gaps in the ground, barriers and rivers which would not be a problem for any other creature, but alas, Lemmings blindly follow each other and don’t pay careful attention to their surroundings.

Lemmings 2

Amiga Lemmings 2

The Lemmings have split into 12 distinct tribes. Each tribe of which have their own landscape and their own cultural identity: they include Egyptian, Circus and Highland. However, Lemming Island is in danger and you must complete 10 levels for each tribe in order for them to reunite and reassemble the Talisman from the 12 pieces. While there are 120 levels with over 60 skills, first-time players should stick to the skills from the classic version.

Litil Divil

Amiga CD32 Litil Divil

The is an action-adventure game for young kids. You are a little devil and you must wander the tunnels and castles to fight, jump and squash your way through this adventure game.

Manchester United Premier League Champions

Amiga Manchester United Premier League Champions

The basic control system will be familiar to anyone who’s played a Kick Off game as it involves holding fire to trap the ball under your player’s foot. When you want to pass, release fire. The ball will be kicked onwards if it is moving fast when it comes to you. Game play includes diving headers, variable pitch conditions, penalty shoot-outs and accurate deflections. The game also has an extensive list of player with 2500 players featured in this game.

Mean Arenas

Amiga Mean Arenas

You are on a game show where you need to collect all gold coins scattered throughout the 22 arenas in order to enter the next one. There are four types of arenas: 1) Robo Zones; 2) Dungeon Zones; 3) Rainbow Zones; 4) Starship Zones. Each arena is also filled with monsters, hazards and weapons that you must look out for. Also scattered throughout the arenas is the letter B, which when collected will award you a letter that make up the word CREDIT. Form the word and receive an extra life.


Amiga CD32 Microcosm

It is 2051 and two mega corporations battle it out for supremacy over an over crowded and over polluted world. CyberTech Industries, the dominant company, is challenged by Axiom, who blames the former for their president’s death. To gain revenge, they secretly inject CyberTech’s president, Anton Korsby, with a virus that threatens to take over his body that will ultimately destroy himself and CyberTech. Your mission is to enter Korsby’s body, destroy the virus and defeat the organism that controls his brain.

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