Amiga CD32 Games Starting with Cr to Gl

Crazy Cars III

Amiga Crazy Cars III

The game offers many great cars at wild discounts including your starting out car that is the basic Lamborghini at $6000. Your aim is to rise to the top of the four divisions of racing through success on 60 racetracks across America. When the police are in the area, speeding beyond 110km/h could see you branded as an offender. This is bad as it will get the police after you, trying to run you off the road.


Amiga D/Generation

Something has gone horribly wrong at Genoq Biolabs, Singapore. After being sent to deliver a package, you become trapped inside the building. The security system is not working and genetically engineered creatures are on a rampage. You goal is to make it through 10 floors of action and puzzles while trying to stay alive and discover what’s going on. Talk to and rescue survivors, pick up armaments and log into computer terminals. You will find the answers to many questions

Dangerous Streets

Amiga CD32 Dangerous Streets

A two game compilation that came packaged with the Amiga CD32 system. It includes the 2D one-on-one fighting game Dangerous Streets, and an AGA-enhanced version of the futuristic space-combat simulator Wing Commander.

Dark Seed

Amiga Dark Seed

Darkseed capitalises on the drawings of famous horror designer H.R. Giger as a source of background artwork and inspiration. You play Mike Dawson, an ad company manager, who is in pursuit of his goal to become a writer and to start off you purchase a solitary mansion in a small town called Woodland Hills. The house looks great and has a great price. However, trouble is about to begin. Upon reaching the house, you suddenly feel tired.

Death Mask

Amiga Death Mask

Doom on the 7Mhz, 16-colour, 1Mb Amiga 500 might sound unrealistic but this is one of a handful of games that managed it and the first full Doom-style game for the Amiga. The major compromises in getting the game onto the A500 are the graphics, which lack texture-mapping, and the trick-3D used where the characters don’t rotate smoothly in 360 degrees, but jerk through a small range of viewpoints. Only half the screen is used for the actual motion with the rest reserved for RPG-style artwork – which is obviously superfluous because the two-player game doesn’t have it. It’s a throwback to the first Lotus game of all things.

Deep Core

Amiga Deep Core

An underwater nuclear research base was invaded by a hostile craft. As Captain Dawnrazer, your mission is to wipe out the aliens. Deep Core is an adventure game with nine main levels. Each of the 6 weapons which are on offer can be boosted in power.


Amiga Dennis

Dennis is a platform game across settings such as Sewers, the Park, and Mr Wilson’s house. The in-level opposition follows standard attack patterns and can usually be avoided and regenerate as you move on. Some of the holes in the ground are deadly, while others lead to secret rooms. Use your nine lives carefully and keep your eyes open for extra lives that are on offer throughout the game.

Disposable Hero

Amiga Disposable Hero

You must blast through five levels with bosses at the end of each as well as tough mini-bosses as you go. The game’s power-up system is worthy of note. Rather than simply picking up new weapons or all-purpose tokens that can be traded in at the press of a button, you collect blueprints for a total of 32 different weapons as well as upgrades to the maximum amount of power your ship can unleash at a time. Once you reach a power-up bay, add or remove weapons so as to maximize your attack capabilities.

Donk!: The Samurai Duck

Amiga Donk!: The Samurai Duck

Donk is an ordinary duck who benefits from having been raised by samurai warriors. As a result, he is well versed about combat psychologies, strategies and skills. However, to prove himself he has set off to collect crystals from 112 levels of earth. Once you collect the target quota of gems, escape form each level through one of its many exits in much the same way that Alien Breed is structured.


Amiga Dragonstone

Dragonstone has a look and feel influenced by Zelda. Agon is the villain whose hordes you must destroy. The game is set in forests and caves and has a fantasy setting. You are armed with a sword and a special energy-bolt attack. Some vanquished enemies discard food or gold that should immediately be snapped up. You can spend the gold at the store and use it to buy other items.



Exile was released in 1988 by Superior Software. At the time, it was considered cutting edge and pushed the boundaries of what was possible on 8-bit platforms. It remains probably the most complex game available for the BBC Micro. The game was later ported to the Commodore 64, Atari ST, Amiga and CD32, all by Audiogenic. There were both OCS (1991) and AGA (1995) versions of Exile for the Amiga. Amiga Power magazine voted the OCS version to be the best game of 1991.


Amiga Fears

There were many DOOM style games for the Amiga in the mid 90s. Like Gloom, Fears was published by Guildhall Leisure, who gave the Amiga a lot of time in that era. Fears took the approach of having full-screen graphics. The level landscapes feature lots of stairways and lifts giving it a psuedo-3D feel. The game is played across 30 levels. with a level designer included.

Field of Glory

Amiga Field of Glory

Originally released in 1993, this historical combat simulation deals with the wars of Napoleon after his return from exile in Elba in 1815. The game is a good way to learn about historical facts of the battle as it is very close to the actual events.

Fightin’ Spirit

Amiga Fightin' Spirit

Fightin’ Spirit is a one-on-one beat ’em up with a loose plot centred around a competition by a gang overlord to find new heavies for his organisation. There are ten contestants, such as Burke the squaddie and Eric the biker. Many of these have special moves in that they can turn into an animal.

Fire and Ice

Amiga Fire and Ice

You run, throwing ice cubes through various worlds. In the levels you must jump on platforms and kill your enemies. The enemies can be shot with your ice cubes and when they become frozen, you smash them. Fire and Ice provides for many power-ups. You should also seek out coyote puppies as they follow you, are invulnerable and shoot your enemies.

Fire Force

Amiga Fire Force

You play an elite soldier dropped behind enemy lines. Your mission is simple, you must take out all of the enemy forces. You can choose your weapons and ammunition before starting including a wide range of guns as well as grenades and a trusty pocket-knife. Avoid avoid land mines to stay alive and destroy bridges along the way for fun. Watch out for defeated enemies as they release further weapons.

Fly Harder

Amiga Fly Harder

Your homeland’s precious limited energy is being taken advantage of by the evil Thargoid Empire. Your mission is to use your spaceship to cause the enemy’s reactors to overload and thus malfunction. The ship can take some damage and repairs itself over time, which is one of the few things that gives you a hope of getting anywhere early on. Losing a life causes all the enemy turrets to replenish, emphasizing the restart points.

Frontier: Elite II

Amiga Frontier: Elite II

Frontier: Elite 2 is the sequel to Elite continuing with the same game play style. Take your ship into space with your limited funds to try and make a living. Trade, fight, hunt criminals, work for the various governments: try your hand at everything. Some activities pay more than others, but can be a lot more dangerous too. There are few limits on what you can do or where you can go. And Frontier’s universe is huge with about 100,000,000,000 planets and moons.

Fury of the Furries

Amiga Fury of the Furries

In Fury of the Furries, you control a cute, round creature called Tiny. Your mission is to defeat the wicked one who has captured the King and turned all the Tinies into mindless monsters. Use you special powers to transform yourself into a swimmer, rock eater, fireball spitter or rope swinger depending on the situation you face. The game takes place on a huge island separated into eight regions.

Global Effect

Amiga Global Effect

Global Effect involves building up a sound local economy. Once you have things humming along nicely, go out and attack other nations and rule the world. Cities must contain housing, food sources and power supplies, which is where it gets complicated. Environmental factors play the biggest part in this game. You only get a certain level of power at the start of the game and have to build enough green things to increase it further of which trees are the most effective.

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