Amiga Processor Peripherals

Blizzard 1240 ERC & 1260

> Company: Phase 5 Digital Products, Germany
Date: 1995
Amiga: A1200
Interface: trapdoor slot
Autoconfig ID: ID8512 / 17

68040 @ 40 MHz / 68060 @ 50 MHz
The 68040s Are Recycled From Used Macs

One 72 Pin SIMM Socket Accepts Up To 64 MB RAM, 70 Ns Or Faster
Only Single Sided SIMMs Fit
Automatic SIMM Size Detection
Maprom Selectable By Jumper

Optional Fast SCSI 2 DMA Controller ()
7 MB/S Asynchronous, 10 MB/S Synchronous Transfer Speed
Additional 72 Pin SIMM Socket Accepts 128 MB RAM
External DB25 Female SCSI Connector
Supported By Linux, NetBSD And OpenBSD

Can Be Disabled With A Simple Keystroke, Including SCSI And RAM
Battery Backed Up Clock
Incompatible With The Squirrel SCSI Interface And With The Mikronik Towers


Amiga Blizzard 1240 ERC & 1260

Front: Blizzard 1240 ERC & 1260 front view

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