Amiga Audio Peripherals


> Company: Microdeal, UK
> Date: ntechnik, Germany
> Amiga: any Amiga
> Interface: parallel port, serial port
> Autoconfig ID: ID18260 / 12,13

A.M.A.S – Advanced MIDI Amiga Sampler
8 bit stereo soundsampler
up to 28 kHz sampling rate
samples are stored in up to 8 memory banks, up to 10 stereo samples per bank
load and save in RAW or IFF
audio connections:
1x stereo input (2x RCA)
1x microphone input (jack)
1x MIDI In
1x MIDI Out
1x MIDI Through
up to four voice polyphonic MIDI operation
samples can be mapped across MIDI channel range
each sample can be assigned to a MIDI note value
connects to the Amiga via the parallel and serial ports


Amiga A.M.A.S

Front: A.M.A.S front view

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