Amiga Storage Peripherals

AlfaPower IDE Interface

> Company: Alfa Data/SBC, Taiwan
Date: 1992
Amiga: 500
Interface: side expansion slot
Autoconfig ID: 2092/6,8

IDE controller
uses polled I/O, not DMA transfer
RDB compatible
40 and 44 pin internal IDE headers
place for a 3.5″ hard disk inside the case
uses the same autoboot ROMs as the BSC AT-Bus 508 / 2008
can use the same partitioning software as the AT-Bus series (HDInstTools)

sixteen ZIP sockets accept 8 MB RAM
supports either static column or page mode ZIPs
accepts ZIPs in groups of four giving 2, 4, 6 or 8 MB configurations

connects to the side expansion port, no passthrough connector
RAM and HD can be disabled by switches on the top of the case
connector for the optional external power supply, though it can use power from the A500


Amiga AlfaPower Interface IDE controller

Front: Amiga AlfaPower Interface SCSI controller

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