Amiga Storage Peripherals

A570 CD-Rom drive

> Company:Commodore, USA
Date: 1992
Amiga: A500
Interface: expansion slot
Autoconfig ID: 514/3,10

CD-ROM drive
single speed – 153 kB/sec (Mode 1), 171 kB/sec (Mode 2)
custom Matsushita interface, neither SCSI nor IDE
uses DMA transfers
0.5 sec average access time
caddy mechanism
supported CD formats are Audio CD, CD+G, ISO-9660 CD-ROM, CD+MIDI
stereo input (two RCA sockets) for Amiga Sound
stereo output (two RCA sockets) for mixed sound output (Amiga + CD audio)
stereo headphone jack with volume knob
drive activity LED
CDTV compatibility – special ROM which is merged into the A500 ROM
40 pin expansion header for optional memory expansions
AmiTrix CD-RAM/570
HK-Computer Vector 2MB A570i
Nicolas Welte 2MB for A570
rear expansion slot for optional plug-in cartridges
AmiTrix SCSI-TV/570
HK-Computer Vector Falcon 570
connects to the side expansion port, no passthrough connector
external power supply
compatibility switch
compatibility problems with many A500 expansions – does not let boot other devices on the expansion bus

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