Amiga Storage Peripherals


> Company: Great Valley Products, USA
> Date: 1992
> Amiga: A500
> Interface: side expansion port
> Autoconfig ID: ID2017 / 11

68EC030 @ 40 MHz PGA
Optional 68882 @ 40 MHz PGA
Two 64 Pin SIMM Sockets Accept 1, 2, 4 Or 8 MB RAM
Supports Special 1 Or 4 MB GVP SIMMs
SIMM Sizes Cannot Be Mixed
Hardware Maprom
FaaaST ROM SCSI Driver
3.58 MB/S Maximum Transfer Speed
50 Pin Internal SCSI Connector
DB25F External SCSI Connector
Hard Disk Activity LED
Place For A 3.5 Hard Disk Inside The Case
Supported By Linux And NetBSD
Mini Expansion Slot For The Optional GVP PC286 AT Emulator
Connects To The Side Expansion Port
No Passthrough Connector
Disable Switch On Top Of The Case
In 68000 Fallback Mode Both The RAM And Hard Disk Are Deactivated
External Power Supply
Built In Fan

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