Amiga Storage Peripherals


> Company: Commodore / DKB, USA
> Date: 1993
> Amiga: A3000, A4000
> Interface: Zorro III
> Autoconfig ID: ID513 / 84514 / 84

NCR 53C710
Autoboot ROM
50 Pin Internal Connector
50 Pin HD Centronics External Connector – Expensive Cables And Terminators
Place For A 3.5&Quot; Hard Disk On The Card
Active SCSI Bus Termination
No RAM Option
Only Works With Buster 11, Either Installed In A3000 Or A4000
Does Not Work With A3640 Equipped A3000s
Early, Commodore Built Boards Booted Only Under Kickstart 3.X
Supported By Linux, NetBSD And OpenBSD


Amiga A4091

Front: A4091 front view

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