Amiga Memory Peripherals

Vector A2000i (Professional RAM Board)

> Company: HK-Computer, Germany
> Date: 1991
> Amiga: A2000, A3000, A4000
> Interface: Zorro II
> Autoconfig ID: ID6148 / 0

64 DIP Sockets Accept 8 MB RAM
Supports 2, 4 Or 8 MB Configurations With Autoconfig
The 6 MB Configuration Works Only With Autoconfig Disabled – The Memory Has To Be Added By Software
Accepts 1Mx1, 70 – 120 Ns DIPs
Running A 6 MB Card Together With A BridgeBoard Requires Replacing A PAL
Not Compatible With A2000-A Motherboards


Amiga Vector A2000i (Professional RAM Board)

Front: Vector A2000i (Professional RAM Board) front view

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