Amiga Processor Peripherals

3-State MultiVision 2000

> Company: 3-State, Germany
Date: 1991
Amiga: 2000,3000,4000
Interface: Video slot
Autoconfig ID: na

doubles all 15.75 kHz screen modes to 31.5 kHz
software controllable refresh rates up to 100 Hz
full overscan support
PAL and NTSC compatible
integrated stereo amplifier (2× 1 Watt sinus)
volume knob on slot cover
two 3.5 mm jack audio connectors
HD15 VGA connector
works in the A4000 but only in 12 bit (4096 colours), no AGA and ECS compatibility
in A2000-A an adapter socket has to be placed in the Denise socket which connects to the card with an 8 pin ribbon cable


Amiga 3-State MultiVision 2000 Memory Front

Front: 3-State MultiVision 2000 Memory front view

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