Amiga Storage Peripherals

MultiVision 500

> Company: 3-State, Germany
> Date: 1991
> Amiga: A500, A1000, A2000
> Interface: Denise socket
> Autoconfig ID: ID1030 / 01004 / 245

Doubles All 15.75 KHz Screen Modes To 31.5 KHz
Software Controllable Refresh Rates Up To 100 Hz
Full Overscan Support
PAL And NTSC Compatible
Not Compatible With ECS And AGA Screen Modes
In SuperHiRes And SuperHiRes Interlaced Every Second Horizontal Pixel Is Missing, Productivity Do Not Work At All
Not Compatible With Genlocks
Integrated Stereo Amplifier (2x 1 Watt Sinus)
Two 3.5 Mm Jack Audio Connectors
RGB And HD15 VGA Connectors
Connects Into The Place Of The Denise Chip – Rules Out Many Internal Processor Boards And Some Internal Memory Expansions
All Connectors And The Volume Knob Is On An External Unit – Connects To The Board With A 10 Pin Ribbon Cable


Amiga MultiVision 500

Front: MultiVision 500 front view

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