Amiga Storage Peripherals


> Company: X-Pert Computer Services / Prodev, Germany
> Date: 1993
> Amiga: A2000A3000, A4000
> Interface: Zorro IIZorro III
> Autoconfig ID: ID2117 / 3,4,201

RTG Graphics Card
Tseng Labs ET4000W32
85 MHz Dot Clock In 8 Bit Modes
Brooktree Bt482 RAMDAC With Hardware Cursor
2 Or 4 MB DRAM
Although The Merlin Was Advertised To Support 8 Or 16 MB, That Would Be Possible With ET4000W32i Or ET4000W32p Chips Only
Only 2 MB Is Possible In Zorro II Mode
Two SIMM Sockets For Custom Made SIMMs
1x 2 MB, 32 Bit (Labeled As “2 MB 32 Bit”)
2x 2 MB, 16 Bit (Labeled As “2 MB”)
1x 4 MB, 32 Bit, 60 Ns
The Clock Speed Of The Blitter And Memory Can Be Selected With Jumpers Between 50-65 MHz (55 MHz Is The Default Setting)

Optional Video Module, X-Calibur ()
Activates The S-VHS And Composite Output Connectors
Provides RGB, S-VHS And Composite Inputs On A Separate Slot Cover
The RGB Input Is Fake – The Signal Is Converted To NTSC Y/C And Then Digitized
The ProDev Digitizing Software Supports The Composite Input Only
Provides Up To 800×600 @ 16 Bit
Works Only In Zorro II Mode Because The ET4000W32 Does Not Support Digitizing In Its 32 Bit Mode
A Switch Is Provided For Easy Switching Between Z2 And Z3 Modes (Connects To The Z2/Z3 Jumper)

A Genlock Module Was Developed But Never Sold
The Design Of Merlin Was Not Finished When The Card Went Into Production, Leading To Many Problems
Compatibility Problems With Other Zorro Cards
Incompatibility With 060 Processors
Incompatibility With All GVP Processor Cards
Reset Problems
The Small Registers Of The ET4000 Chip Led To Problems With 24 Bit Screens Larger Than 680×576 (8 And Bit Screens Have No Problems)
X-Pert And ProDev Both Offered Fixes But Only ProDev’S Methods Could Cure All Problems
IngenieurbÜRo Riedel Still Offers Fixing Of Problematic Merlin Cards
HD15 VGA Connector
S-VHS, RGB, F-BAS Output Connectors
Automatic Monitor Switch And Video Pass Through
Every Amiga Graphics Function Is Supported Except The Copper
If More Than One Screen Is Opened The Next One Can Be Seen Through A Window On The Foremost Screen
Picasso96, EGS And ProBench Drivers
Supported By NetBSD And OpenBSD


Amiga Merlin

Front: Merlin front view

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