Retro Game Consoles – 3DO Interactive

3DO Interactive

In 1993, Panasonic released the 3DO Interactive game console and multimedia player. Panasonic had a good product and a good game plan by licensing the manufacturing and development of the console and software to third parties for royalties.

3DO Interactive game console

Above: 3DO Interactive game console

The console scored many wins including the several multimedia functions:

1) Ability to play video games

2) Ability to play audio CDs

3) Ability to play CD+G

4) Ability to play photo CDs

5) Ability to play video CDs

However, the market was not ready for such a device. In fact, Commodore had been trying for years to get the Amiga systems noticed for their multimedia capabilities by launching multimedia specific devices. While both the Amigas and the 3DO Interactive offered great products, they cost too much to be a sales hit in the market place. The 3DO interactive sold for US$750.00.

3Do Interactive video chess game

Above: 3DO Interactive video chess game

In the USA, their advertising was often directly adversarial, leading to commercials such as “Genesis does what Nintendon’t” and the “‘SEGA!’ scream”.

Nintendo’s market position was defined by their machine’s increased color palette and sound capabilities and their popular franchises, including games such as the Mario series, The Legend of Zelda, Star Fox, Super Metroid, and later Donkey Kong Country.

3DO Interactive Controller

Above: 3DO Interactive Controller

When Mortal Kombat was ported for home release on the Mega Drive/Genesis and Super NES, Nintendo decided to censor the game’s gore in accordance with their long-standing policy of censorship but Sega kept the content in the game, hoping to position their console as the more “mature” product.

Sega’s gamble paid off, and its version of Mortal Kombat received generally higher and more favorable reviews in the gaming press. As a result of this, Nintendo reconsidered its position, and when Mortal Kombat II was ported to the console, all of the violence was intact.

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