Amiga Storage Peripherals


> Company: Ameristar Technologies, USA
> Date: 1992
> Amiga: A3000, A4000
> Interface: Zorro III
> Autoconfig ID: ID1053 / 20

RTG Graphics Card
Weitek 91460 Pipelined Graphics Processor
180 MHz Dot Clock
100 Million Pixels/S Drawing Rate
Direct Support For X-Windows Drawing Modes
170 MHz Brooktree RAMDAC
2 MB 32 Bit RAM, Sixteen ZIPs

Screen Modes
Programmable Resolutions From 640×480 To 1600×1280 Non-Interlaced
256 Colours From The 16 Million Palette

Double Shielded D Connector With Internal Coax Cables – Ends In BNC And VGA Connectors
Software Support For A3000UX Unix System

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