ZX Spectrum Sound Peripherals

8BC MB-02 Storage

> Company: 8BC, Czech
Date: 1995
ZX SPectrum: all
Interface: na
Price: 200.00

Supports both DD (840K) and HD (1.8m) drives.
Transfer rates of 25K/sec (DD) or 50K/sec(HD).
2K EPROM and 128K SRAM.
Built in clock.
Supports up to 4 drives.
Kempston joystick port. Parallel port.
Tape emulation system.
Uses WD2797A disk controller + Z80-DMA.

MB-02 (a prototype) was originally developed by MDV Robert Letko and Busysoft Slavomir Labsky.
8BC acquired the scheme and an operating system from these gentlemen and started producing MB-02+
The “Plus” version had some nice improvements over the prototype).
MB-02+ was a professional, although hand made, product.
We were selling this approximately between 1995 and 2003. We sold some 70 pieces.
Distributed in Germany and some other West-European countries by Sintech (310.00 DM)

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