ZX Spectrum Sound Peripherals

Cheetah DP5 Drum Kit

> Company: Cheetah Marketing Ltd., UK
Date: 1987
ZX SPectrum: all
Interface: na
Price: 160.00

High quality full size 7 piece drum kit.
The kit comprises of:
1 x 22.5″ (570mm) kick/bass drum with pedal and adjustable stablisers
1 x 16″ (410mm) floor tom with height adjustable stand
1 x 13″ (340mm) low tom drum
1 x 12″ (310mm) high tom drum
1 x 14.5″ (360mm) snare drum
1 x 12″ (350mm) Hi-hat Cymbals with height adjustable drummers throne (fold away)
1 pr x 15.5″ drum sticks and all the required stands and accessories

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