Super NES Games Starting with Wi to Zz

Wizardry V: Heart of the Maelstrom

Super NES Wizardry V: Heart of the Maelstrom

Dark times once again threaten the kingdom of Llylgamyn. As with previous version, your quest involves the defeat of evil once again.


Super NES WolfChild

Dr. Kal Morrow has been kidnapped because of his research into genetics and the creation of human-animal hybrids. During the kidnapping, his family was brutally murdered by the terrorist organisation CHIMERA. As his surviving son Saul, your quest is to avenge his family’s death and seek out your father. Using your father’s research, you become a wolf-man and sets out to find CHIMERA’s base and defeat their leader Karl Draxx.

Wolfenstein 3D

Super NES Wolfenstein 3D

This game marked a turning point, or revolution, in game design offering a first person perspective through the eyes of the main character. The game also helped propel the need for faster computers and graphics cards.You are B.J., the Allies’ bad boy of espionage and a terminal action seeker. Your mission is to infiltrate the Nazi fortress Castle Hollehammer and find the plans for Operation Eisenfaust, the Nazi’s blueprint for building the perfect army.

World Heroes

Super NES World Heroes

In 3091, an alien entity known as Geegus threatens the Earth. Earth’s forces are defeated and the end is near. However, a scientist uses his recently-built time machine to find the greatest fighters of different eras to compete against Geegus.Your must destroy the alien invaders through one on one death matches. You get to choose from a long list of characters including cybernetic supersoldier and ninjas.


Super NES Worms

Worms features four teams of four worms where you must destroy the others on a generated terrain. You are armed with a wide range of weapons:1) Bazookas 2) Grenades3) Fire Punch4) Dynamite5) Air strikesShots leave craters in the ground where and complex tunnels can be formed. Be sure to make your move before time runs out.

WWF Wrestlemania: The Arcade Game

Super NES WWF Wrestlemania: The Arcade Game

A popular Wrestlemania port of the arcade game. The game features eight fully digitised characters with their own moves and features single player arcade mode, tournament mode as well as 1 on 1 multiplayer.

Yoshi’s Cookie

Super NES Yoshi's Cookie

Yoshi’s Cookie is a fast-paced puzzle game. Move the randomly placed cookies into rows and columns of cookies with similar patterns. When a row or column of the same cookies form a line, the line will disappear. The Yoshi cookie is very special in both the 1-player and the 2-player game. Since the Yoshi Cookie is the key to both games, you must use it wisely.

Zero the Kamikaze

Super NES Zero the Kamikaze

Zero the Kamikaze Squirrel is an over-the-top game that plays much like Sonic the Hedgehog. Zero is one of the villains. However, this time around Zero is fighting to save his homeland from an evil lumberjack.

Zombies Ate My Neighbours

Super NES Zombies Ate My Neighbours

You play Zeke or Julia in this and your job is to fight vampires, mummies and zombies through 50 levels. Along the way, you must also save a given number of neighbours on each level. The levels differ from the mall and grocery stores to beaches and football fields. Use your different weapon wisely to kill the bosses such as huge babies, dragons or ants at the end of levels. Yes, ants, but trust us on this one, it is a boss.


Super NES Zool

You are Zool, a special ninja.You goal is simple: run and jump, climb walls and shoot your enemies. Obtain power-ups to make your goal easier to achieve.In the options you can change the difficulty and the game-speed two times, the continues and the background music (Rock or Funk).


Super NES Zoop

Your goal is to eliminate coloured shapes as they approach another coloured shape and eventually reach the top, ending your game. In order to eliminate the other shapes, point your piece at it and fire. If the shape is the same colour as your piece, it is eliminated along with the other shapes of the same colour behind it. This will happen until your piece hits a piece of a different colour. But be careful when planning your moves as a shape of a different colour causes your

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