Super NES Games Starting with Le to Mo


Super NES Lemmings

Lemmings became a runaway hit being ported to many game consoles and home computers.You have the difficult job of rescuing the Lemmings across 120 levels. These are simply and friendly creatures, but they tend to walk blindly through the world in the hope of reaching safety at the end of the level.

Lemmings 2

Super NES Lemmings 2

The Lemmings have split into 12 distinct tribes. Each tribe of which have their own landscape and their own cultural identity: they include Egyptian, Circus and Highland. However, Lemming Island is in danger and you must complete 10 levels for each tribe in order for them to reunite and reassemble the Talisman from the 12 pieces. While there are 120 levels with over 60 skills, first-time players should stick to the skills from the classic version.

Lethal Weapon

Super NES Lethal Weapon

In this game, you play as Martin Riggs or as Roger Murtaugh to complete four main missions. Complete these four and you move tot he bonus final round.For each mission, choose the appropriate character. Your mission is to stop crimes in your beloved L.A.

Liberty or Death

Super NES Liberty or Death

The European Wars against Spain and France were costly to the British Empire. In order to raise funds for the war, the Crown raise taxes from the New World colonies. This act compels the New World colonies to protest and boycott against British rule. By 1775, the Crown alarmed by the protests, boycotts and politically instability in the New World sends troops to subdue any rebellious efforts by the New World colonists. These are the events leading up to the American Revolution.

Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals

Super NES Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals

You play Maxim, a monster hunter. Explore and conquer various dungeons while solving various puzzles.

Madden NFL ’98

Super NES Madden NFL '98

New features for 1998 include more advanced Quarterback functions such as the ability to play lob passes and adjust timing patterns and a more instinctive AI features. Squad features have also been advanced, with the opportunity to create plays and trade them.However, like all Madden games, they do take some time to learn. new players will find it difficult to control players.

Magic Knight Rayearth

Super NES Magic Knight Rayearth

In the land of Cephiro, the world was kept in peace and harmony by the wishes of Princess Emauraude, the Pillar of Balance. But as it happens in these games, there is always an evil presence that changes things. Lord Zagato kidnapped Emauraude while Cephiro is being invaded by deadly beasts. Your mission is to defeat Lord Zagato and battle the deadly beasts as one of three knights: Hikaru Shidou, Umi Ryuuzaki and Fuu Hououjii.

Magical Drop II

Super NES Magical Drop II

In Magical Drop II, you are a clown and you get to grab and throw balloons. Yippie! Its not all fun and games though. You have to match three balloons of the same colour or more vertically to pop them and clear the screen. You can hold multiple balloons of the same colour at once and cause consecutive collisions. Depending of the originating country, there are different game modes: 1) Survival: Play forever if you can.

Mario is Missing

Super NES Mario is Missing

Bowser is up to no good as he has created portals in Antarctica to 25 famous cities around the world.Play Luigi and foil Bowser’s plans by entering through each of the portals and tracking down the Koopas who have stolen famous artefacts. Find clues about your location and once you have set everything right and determined where you are, call Yoshi.By exploring 25 cities, children familiarise themselves with the landmarks and artefacts that each city has.

Mega Man & Bass

Super NES Mega Man & Bass

King stole 100 CDs containing secret robot plans in the hopes to create the ultimate unstoppable army. Your mission is to top him and his creations and retrieve the CDs.

Mega Man X

Super NES Mega Man X

Mega Man X was designed by Dr. Light to choose his own path in life. Dr. Cain finds X and mimics his design to create a race of such robots called reploids. However a virus soon infects them causing them to run on a killing spree.Your mission is to stop these robots and save the world.

Mega Man X2

Super NES Mega Man X2

Sigma was destroyed when he underestimated his opponent X. X has risen to the rank of leader of the Maverick Hunters and his first task is to eliminate the last of the Mavericks. Your mission is to help X stop the X-Hunters and rescue Zero.

Mega Man X3

Super NES Mega Man X3

A Reploid scientist Dr. Doppler creates a new city for Reploids that will bring a new era of peace to the Reploids and humans. As you have already guessed, something goes terribly wrong and Mavericks have begun to appear everywhere. Your mission is to find out who is behind this Maverick revolt and bring them down for good.

Mega to Mania

Super NES Mega to Mania

First you choose one out of four different characters to represent you:1) Scarlet (red army)2) Oberon (yellow army)3) Caesar (green army)4) Madcap (blue army) Land is mostly of sand, grass or ice. Start with 100 men and you can use whatever quantity you find necessary on each island. In the second half of the game, you can freeze men to save them for the Mother of All Battles to come. Be sure to select your island for your HQ. Research better weapons and defences.

Metal Marines

Super NES Metal Marines

The Antimatter War left Earth all but destroyed. The continents have been reduced into thousands of tiny islands with all the cities sunk into the ocean.Most of what is left of humanity has left for the stars.Your mission is to stop Zorgeuf the Great from taking over what is left of the world. Destroy his bases one island at a time before he destroys yours.

Mickey Mania

Super NES Mickey Mania

Go down memory lane through this timeless adventure as Mickey Mouse. The game is based on the adventurers of Mickey’s most famous cartoons. The levels range about 75 years starting off with Steamboat Willie and go to The Prince and the Pauper.

Micro Machines

Super NES Micro Machines

This racing game features miniatures representing particular vehicle types across a particular terrain found around the house. The Sports Cars race on the desktop, 4x4s in the sandpit, Formula 1 cars on a snooker table, and so on.Viewed from overhead, the cars are tiny, but allow you to see the whole track. Each race includes four cars. In one player challenge mode, race through the 21 tracks and selecting three opponents.

Micro Machines 2

Super NES Micro Machines 2

The sequel to Micro Machines. Like the original, you are behind the steering wheel of an extremely small car in a top-down view of the game. Your mission is simple, race around the track and come in first while watching out for obstacles.

Might and Magic II

Super NES Might and Magic II

The Sequel to the successful Might and Magic I, this iteration boasted better graphics and a larger world. The game uses the same game engine and presentation. Embark on a glorious journey. Your mission is to save the world of CRON and yourself.


Super NES Monopoly

Another popular conversion of a time honoured board game. monopoly was ported to multiple game consoles and home computers during the 1990s.The game supports up to six players ad follows the same rules in the board game. The street names follow US naming conventions.

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