Super NES Games Starting with Fi to Il


Super NES FIFA 97

This FIFA version includes commentary from John Motson, Andy Gray and Des Lynam. Player moves are taken from David Ginola using the MotionBlending technology.Play league or tournament cup or you can choose to practice your skills. You could also choose a simulation style with fouls, injuries and offsides.

FIFA 98: Road to World Cup

Super NES FIFA 98: Road to World Cup

In the Road to the World Cup mode, you can take your team from first qualification through to the main tournament using the varying systems in different parts of the world.The League play features 189 clubs and 11 leagues. Each team is customised to have a specific sound and crowd chants. The AI is improved, proving a faster game and more detailed graphics have been added.

FIFA International Soccer

Super NES FIFA International Soccer

Based on international teams with fictional player names. Gameplay consists of quick runs, short passes and blistering shots outside the penalty box. Set pieces are controlled by moving a box into the target area for the ball, and then passed, lobbed or kicked directly.On the tactical side, formations can be selected with 5 different strategies.

FIFA Soccer 96

Super NES FIFA Soccer 96

FIFA Soccer 96 was extremely popular at the time of release and was hailed as the first successful FIFA release, which opened the door for several more game after this release.The game’s commentary was new at the time with the renowned British commentator John Motson providing comments for all incidents and happenings on the pitch in real-time.

Final Fantasy II

Super NES Final Fantasy II

The Paramekian Empire took over the world. Its soldiers and Dark Knights persecute innocent people, burn whole villages and hunt down brave warriors. The dark forces do not offer mercy and act on pure evil.Phin, the homeland of the four heroes, is destroyed by the evil empire leaving only four young warriors able to escape. This second instalment of the series features round-based combat where you input menu commands for the whole party, and then you watch the combat unfold.

Final Fantasy III

Super NES Final Fantasy III

In a remote village of Ur, four orphan boys were raised by the priest Topapa. Once, the Crystal of Wind, guarded by the people of Ur, sank deep into the earth. The four boys set out to retrieve it by going down in to an underground cave. However, their mission changed to a more important one upon hearing the words of the crystal.

Final Fantasy V

Super NES Final Fantasy V

The Elemental Crystals are the life source of the planet providing and governing the gentle winds, the seas, burning fire and all the life on Earth. All is well until the wind stops, the sea begin to grow stagnant, the heat of fire becomes scarce and the earth begins to wither.You are Butz and are camping in a field when a giant meteor strikes the planet. After examining the site, you are shocked to find a young girl named Lenna.

Final Fight

Super NES Final Fight

Mad Gear Gang kidnapped the mayor’s daughter Jessica. Your mission is to advance through six areas of the city clearing out the gang infestation: this means you get to fight everything you meet! To defeat these thugs, use combinations of punches, kicks, throws and jump kicks.

Firepower 2000

Super NES Firepower 2000

There is a secret underground race located on an island in the mid-Atlantic ocean. They are responsible for stealing top military vehicles and equipment from around the world and have rebuilt powerful war machines. Their mission is to destroy. Military and intelligence officials of major countries have detected them. However, they do not feel they have the ability to prepare a successful assault on this underground race.

Flashback: The Quest for Identity

Super NES Flashback: The Quest for Identity

The year is 2142. You play as Conrad B. Hart, a man who has lost his memory. After barely escaping from hostile aliens, Conrad’s bike crashes on an unknown planet in the jungle and as Conrad, your quest is simple, survive.To defend yourself, use your gun to shoot the many enemies you will encounter.

Frank Thomas Big Hurt Baseball

Super NES Frank Thomas Big Hurt Baseball

Baseball player Frank Thomas licensed one of the first baseball games to use motion-captured 3D graphics and multiple camera angles. Each of the 28 stadiums have been rendered in 3D with each stadium taking on the characteristics of the actual stadium.The game includes six modes such as single exhibition matches or a full seasons including the playoffs. There is also a Home Run Derby mode. You can even choose pitchers and batters based on their statistics and form.


Super NES Frogger

Another big hit of the 80s that has managed to find itself ported to modern game consoles. Essentially, gameplay is all about getting across the road. Avoid cars, trucks and other nasty things trying to kill you. Level-up by getting across the road, however, each successive level increases in difficulty.Like most games from the 1980s, levelling up usually meant playing the same boards with increased speed, more obstacles and smarter obstacles.


Super NES Gemfire

Six magicians are liberated from the crown Gemfire by Princess Robyn, daughter of the tyrannical ruler of Ishmeria, King Eselred. Fleeing across the length and breadth of the island nation, each choose a leader from the greatest noble houses as their champion. Your mission is to topple Eselred and bring peace to Ishmeria.

Genghis Khan II

Super NES Genghis Khan II

You have two conquests: 1) Mongol conquest: Unite all tribes under one ruler.2) World conquest: Attempt to conquer the world.


Super NES Gods

Hercules is on a quest to achieve immortality by completing the task the Gods have set him. The game is set in ancient Greece. In your battles, watch out for power-ups that will help make your battles easier.

Hardball III

Super NES Hardball III

Hardball three features 256 colour VGA graphics with announcer Al Michaels providing live running commentary.

Harvest Moon

Super NES Harvest Moon

This is a farm simulation that starts off with you inheriting your grandfather’s ranch. Your mission is to bring it back to profitability and good repair. However, you have only two years to get this done!


Super NES Hook

You play the grown-up Peter Pan whose kids were kidnapped by Captain Hook. Tinker Bell takes you back to Neverland where you must become Pan again and get your kids back.Rescue the kids as you fight through 11 levels consisting of forests, icy regions and towns. Magic items such as apples and pixie dust add to your special powers. When enemies are attacked, they simply put their hands up in surrender rather than dying to make the game child-friendly.

Illusion of Gaia

Super NES Illusion of Gaia

Will lives in a small town with his grandparents and possesses the ability to push and pull things without touching them. Princess Kara asks Will to help her to escape the palace and avoid a prearranged marriage. They soon they both get involved in a string of mystery and conspiracies.

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