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Hyper 3-D Pinball

Sega Saturn Hyper 3-D Pinball

This pinball sega Saturn video game includes the following themes: 1) Science Fiction (Star Quest) 2) Horror (Monster) 3) Racing (Road King) 4) Underworld (Gangster) 5) Fantasy (Myst & Majik) 6) Fair (Funfair)

Independance Day

Sega Saturn Independance Day

The sega Saturn video game is based on the 1996 movie of the same name with cut scenes lifted from the film, however, all cut scenes are from the movie with no scenes created specifically for the sega video game.You pilot a jet through various missions in order to take down the gargantuan, city-destroying spaceships that entails flying around the 3D level and taking out targets such as: 1) Communication uplinks2) Shield generators3) The occasional alien fighter craft4) The alien shipsPower-ups are plenti

Jewels of the Oracle

Sega Saturn Jewels of the Oracle

Jewels of the Oracle contains 24 well-designed, ingenious puzzles, each independent of the others. The graphics are designed in an Egyptian or Mesopotamian style while music plays in the background.The basic layout is a hexagon around an Oracle’s well. There are three doors on the outside of the hexagon and the first one is where you begin the game. In each room, solve the puzzle to get a jewel that must be taken back to the Oracle’s well.

Jikkyou Oshaberi Parodius

Sega Saturn Jikkyou Oshaberi Parodius

Being the third in the Paroidus series, game play along with the zaniness has not changed. Game play itself is a parody of Konami’s famous Gradius series in that you manoeuvre around the screen destroying waves of enemies and avoiding obstacles. Survival throughout the level earns you a boss fight that frequently includes a bizarre character.The game offers many more power-ups: 1) Red, used to upgrade weapons 2) The shield power-up (blue).

Jonah Lomu Rugby

Sega Saturn Jonah Lomu Rugby

This sega video game os based on the 1995 Rugby World Cup in South Africa. The game plays as more of an arcade style of game play rather than a strict sports simulation. Play in a full World Cup, a round-robin league or a knock-out cup.There are 32 teams from the All Blacks of New Zealand and Springboks of South Africa to minnows such as Namibia and Hong Kong.

Killing Time

Sega Saturn Killing Time

You are John Spartan and your mission is to capture the most dangerous outlaws named Simon Phoenix at all costs.

Last Bronx

Sega Saturn Last Bronx

The leader of Soul Crew which is the toughest gang in Tokyo, was viciously killed. Shortly after that, an anonymous challenge appeared in graffiti scrawls all over the city inviting all of the city’s gang leaders to a fighting tournament. The winner will become the seat of power in the city.


Sega Saturn Loaded

Loaded is a violent sega video game where you play one of six characters who are all strange and deformed.Loaded is a mission based game where you have to complete various objectives, and in order to make this difficult, there are many many enemies in your way.


Sega Saturn Lunacy

You play a traveller named Fred who has lost his memory. Your first clue is a tattoo on your forehead, which leads you to a strange place called City of Mists. Wandering through the bizarre locations of the town, search for clues to your identity and eventually stop the evil plans of the maniacal Lord Gordon.

Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete

Sega Saturn Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete

Hiro is a young man who lives together with his grandfather and Ruby. He spends his time exploring the caves around his house for treasure.During one of such expeditions, Hiro encounters Lucia who came to the world of Lunar from the Blue Planet. She is on a mission to stop an evil creature called the Destroyer. Your mission is to help her on her quest back on her Blue planet.

Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete

Sega Saturn Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete

You play Alex who dreams of becoming a noble warrior. Together with Nall, a talkative flying cat, and Luna, you embark on a journey to meet the four Dragons in order to become a Dragonmaster. Play each character in this role playing game while you avoid danger.

Magic Carpet

Sega Saturn Magic Carpet

Fly around on the world’s fastest Magic Carpet while fighting many dangerous creatures and wizards. Your end mission is to restore order to devastated worlds. Collect mana to boost your spellcasting ability, which ranges from simple offensive spells to the ability to level the earth beneath you!

Manx TT SuperBike

Sega Saturn Manx TT SuperBike

Race motorcycles based on the Isle of Man Trophy Race. There are two courses with the usual reversed and mirrored variations on the tracks as well as a short and long version of the main course.

Marvel Super Heroes

Sega Saturn Marvel Super Heroes

MSH has the best in the Marvel universe fighting it out with famous character including Spiderman, Wolverine, Iron Man, Captain America and the Incredible Hulk.Also included are many members of the X-Men including both good and bad.Each character starts with a set of gems that act as powerups. Use the gems can be used during a fight to improve speed, power and defense.

Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter

Sega Saturn Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter

Apocalypse has returned and he’s got a cybernetically enhanced partner. This sega video game mixes characters of the Street Fighter universe with some of the X-Men and Marvel Super Heroes characters. However, there is no tag team mode but there are still a variety of game modes to make up for this omission: 1) Battle, Vs. 2) Training 3) Heroes 4) Crossover.

Mass Destruction

Sega Saturn Mass Destruction

Mass Destruction puts you in a one-man tank with various terrains that range from the cold arctic to hot desert. You can interact with the scene by blowing up trees, buildings and walls. Enemies come at you in tanks, planes, helicopters and on foot. Each enemy takes a different weapon to be most effective. For example, use guided missiles for the helicopters and run over infantry men.

MechWarrior 2: 31st Century Combat

Sega Saturn MechWarrior 2: 31st Century Combat

You are the genetically engineered Clan Mechwarrior where the Clans are invading the Inner Sphere. Join the Wolf Clan or the Jade Falcon Clan to fight against the Inner Sphere. Mechwarrior II is the sequel to the popular Mechwarrior. Different clans have different mechs, different rules and different weapons, but you still have the option to customise your mechs within the confines of the particular clan.

Mega Man 8: Anniversary Edition

Sega Saturn Mega Man 8: Anniversary Edition

The Blue Bomber returns with Dr. Wily having discovered the remains of a strange robot that he will use to control the world with an army of unstoppable Robot Masters.Your mission as Mega Man is to stop Wily once again with the help of Duo.

Mega Man X4

Sega Saturn Mega Man X4

Mega Man X is the reploid leader of the 17th unit Maverick Hunters and his best friend Zeroare on a mission to stop a reploid rebellion.  To play Swords and Sandals click here.


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