Commodore Storage Peripherals

Commodore 64 IDE 64 HDD Cartridge

> Company: IDE64 Project, US
Date: 2005
Commodore: Commodore 64
Interface: cartridge port

Product Summary
The IDE64 cartridge is a device for connecting an CompactFlash (CF), IDE hard disk drive and/or CD-ROM drive to a Commodore 64.
It is plugged into the Expansion Port and connected to the hard drive by means of a 40 wire cable.
IDE harddrive/CF transfer rate is more than 100 times the rate of the floppy drive 1541.
IDE64 expands the features of the original floppy drive and file system presenting the new dimmension of storage for the C64.

Feature Summary
The IDE cartridge contains a 128KB ROM (EPROM or flash EPROM with IDE DOS, Machine Code Monitor File Manager and Setup)
a 28kB RAM (used for internal buffers)
a realtime clock chip (powered by a battery)
two LEDs (to indicate the presence of the cartrige and HDD activity)
a Short-BUS for new peripherals
Amiga Clock Port
mini USB Device Port (PCLink)
an ispLSI chip.

IDE64 V4.1 release info
A new ETH64II pictures and info.
Pictures, added IDE64 with SDHC/MMC adapter.
How to enable IDE64 emulation in VICE, revision 2.
IDE64 related links updated.
Pictures, added IDE64 with IDE2SATA converter.
Download webpage has been updated.
missing performance comparison added.
PCLink page updated. design updated.
IDE64 V4.1 Amiga Clock port timing added.


Commodore 64 IDE 64 Project Drive Expansion

Above: Commodore 64 IDE 64 Project Drive Expansion

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