Commodore 64 Storage Peripherals

Commodore 64 HDD Hard drive Expansion

> Company: 64HDD, Australia
Date: 2000
Commodore: Commodore 64
Interface: Windows PC

Required kit
64HDD software
an MSDOS PC; and
readily available X-cable

Have you ever wanted to give your old Commodore™ computers a hard drive, CD-ROM or access to the devices other modern computers have?
64HDD is software that lets you do just that.

Your PC will then be a hard drive system for your Commodore allowing you to LOAD, RUN and SAVE many of your favourite programs direct from the storage on your PC including games in D64 format and GEOS.

Basic freeware version
64HDD freeware on a bootable CD-ROM
Enhanced Professional version boasting features such as Graphical User Interface, Printing support, custom serial FastLoader and more extensive GEOS support

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