Atari Memory Peripherals


> Company: Pasiu/SSG, Poland
Date: na
Atari: Falcon

Product Summary
The CTPCI brings you at last the PCI connectors to your Falcon CT60/63 to use the graphical cards RADEON 7000/7500/9200, and some other cards like Ethernet, USB, S-ATA, Audio, etc…
With CTPCI + Radeon couple, you can use all LCD monitors with a great working area in some screen resolutions like 1920*1200 (wide / HDTV is 1920*1080), 1600*1200 or 1280*1024 in 16 Millions, 65K or 256 colors by example…
The CTPCI gives you a second IDE faster port to connect up to 4 IDE devices on your Falcon (2*HDD + CDROM + CompatFlash reader by example).

4 PCI 3.3V slots at 33 Mhz.
1 port P-ATA (IDE) running in mode 4 (cycle of 120ns) compatible with the IDE of the Falcon.
Bridge Local-PCI 2.2 PLX9054 clocked on CT60/63 divided by 2 (CT at 66 gives bridge at 33).
Bridge Clock up to 55 Mhz (CT at 110 Mhz).
BURST transfers on PCI bus (133MB/s).
060 BURST transfers from/to PCI bus (write at 66/100Mhz = 68/103 MB/s).
PLX BURST transfers from SDRAM (read = 66MB/s at 66 Mhz) & PLX SINGLE to SDRAM (write = 44MB/s at 66Mhz).
Hardware programmable interrupts manager from PCI slots & PLX.
PCI bus arbiter using ’round robin’ with ‘bus parking’ for PLX.
PLL clocks for a perfect sync between CT and CTPCI.
Easy fitting without solders on CT60/63 (1 solder for the IDE feature).
PCI slot board can be fitted in an ATX tower (holes to be drilled on the backplane).
Use of 2 standard IDE UDMA 100/133 flat cable (80 wires) to connect PCI board with CTPCI.
PCI BIOS & ATI RADEON driver incorporated in the CT60/63 Flash : the boot screen is directed on the Radeon graphical card !
EtherNAT board compatible (to be tested and confirmed for highest frequencies).
PCI slots PCB is cuttable between each PCI connectors (to obtain a 1, 2 or 3 PCI slot card) to help to integrate into the falcon



Front: Atari CTPCI card

Atari CTPCI installed

Front: Atari CTPCI installed

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