Atari 7800 Games Starting with Fa to Pa

Fight Night

Atari 7800 Fight Night

You must face 11 different opponents on your way to becoming the new champ. Each boxer has strength and weaknesses, along with one super punch. There are four different modes of play: Training, Sparring, Tournament, and Main Event. Tournament is a two player versus mode. Ian Clark Dichotomy Partners

Fatal Run

Atari 7800 Fatal Run

In this post-apocalyptic driving/racing game, travel to various towns delivering medicine while on your way to the missile base. While driving through the 32 levels, you must stop the myriad of enemies. Your car boasts many weapons such as dynamite, rockets, oil slicks, smoke screens and machine guns. You can also upgrade your vehicle within the city shops.

Food Fight

Atari 7800 Food Fight

Your goal is to avoid the chefs that are out to get you. Avoid the food thrown at you by the chefs to get the cone. You can also throw your own food at the chefs to slow them down.


Atari 7800 Galaga

You control a space fighter. There are an infinite number of stages to progress through. Every third level is like pay day. Shoot as many aliens as you can to boost your bonus points. Watch out for the tractor beams as they can capture one of your ships. To recover your ship, simply shoot the alien down and recapture your ship.


Atari 7800 Gato

While GATO was released as is a submarine simulator to several personal computers such as the Apple II, Atari 8-bit, and Commodore 64, it never made it past the demo stage for the Atari 7800.

Hat Trick

Atari 7800 Hat Trick

Hat Trick hockey game based on the 1984 coin-op of the same name. Each player controls a goalie and a skater. The object is to shoot the puck into the opposing teams goal. Each game lasts two minutes. Essentially, its a shoot-out game rather than a hockey game.


Atari 7800 Ikari Warriors!

Ikari Warriors was a very popular 1980s arcade game that proved to be just as popular when ported to multiple game consoles and home computers. Fight your way through a variety of terrain such as jungles, rivers, and ruins. Power up with weapons that can be found along the way. Ikari Warriors can also be played with two players at the same time in co-operative mode.

Impossible Mission

Atari 7800 Impossible Mission

As a secret agent, you must stop the evil Professor Elvin Atombender who is tampering with national security computers. Penetrate Atombender’s stronghold and avoid his deadly robot creations. Don’t forget to acquire various pieces of a password to use in the main control room.


Atari 7800 Jinks

Jinks is a breakout like game. The objective is to survive on the planet Jinks. As hazards, there are objects that can destroy the paddle or make it smaller. There is also the ability to shake the screen if the ball is in a looping position.


Atari 7800 Joust

Joust was a very popular game in the 1980s and was ported to many consoles and home computers. Your task is to joust the evil knights. Once the knights have been hit, and egg falls to the ground. Be sure to destroy the eggs before they hatch and release new and increasingly more difficult knights.


Atari 7800 Karateka

The evil Akuma has destroyed your homeland, killed your friends and kidnapped your Princess. You must fight your way to the palace with each opponent being more difficult than the previous. All the standard karate kicks and punches are available to both you and your foes in a realistic fashion. The game also featured many of cutscenes to develop the story.


Atari 7800 KLAX

KLAX is a fast acting game where slow thinkers will die quickly. Catch coloured tiles coming down a conveyor belt. Score points by arranging them in same colour stacks of threes vertically, horizontally or diagonally. Start to get good and the game speeds up until the tiles tumble down the ramp so fast you can barely keep up.

Kung Fu Master

Atari 7800 Kung Fu Master

Kung Fu Master is a one and two player game that was ported from the arcade to several game consoles and home computers. The game’s story starts with your girlfriend being captured by Mr.X. It is up to you to use your knowledge of Kung Fu to get her back.

Mario Bros

Atari 7800 Mario Bros

As Mario or Luigi, your goal is to clear out the characters have taken over the sewers. Crabs, turtles and fighter flies must be cleared out by jumping underneath the platform they sit on, then kicking them away. Each level is cleared when a set number of coins is collected.

Mat Mania Challenge

Atari 7800 Mat Mania Challenge

Mat Mania is a wrestling game that features two player head-to-head action. Each match lasts three minutes. The object is to either outscore, pin or get your opponent counted out. You can perform such moves as the Overhead Slam or the Piledriver and many more; but your opponent has the same abilities.

Mean 18 Ultimate Golf

Atari 7800 Mean 18 Ultimate Golf

Originally developed by Accolade in 1986, the 7800 version of this game was released in 1989. The title features only one course and golfer, but it has the typical three tap swing still being used in golf games today like Hot Shots and Mario Golf. The most talked about aspect of Mean 18 is its rarity. The game is consider to be the second rarest title in the library.

Missing in Action

Atari 7800 Missing in Action

Missing in Action is based on the 1984 movie featuring Chuck Norris. The game is a side-scrolling beat ’em up in Vietnam during the height of the Vietnam War. As Colonel James Braddock, your mission is to escape from an internment camp, rescue captured POWs, free the American embassy and kill the evil drug czar.

Motor Psycho

Atari 7800 Motor Psycho

MotorPsycho looks and feels like Pole Position with a small difference: you drive motorbikes instead. Complete each race within the allotted time while dodging other motorcycles. Use the ramps to jump over obstacles and the other motorcyclists.

Ninja Golf

Atari 7800 Ninja Golf

If you thought that combining golf with a Ninja fighting game was a little odd and out therre, you’d be right You would also have Ninja Golf. On each of the holes, you alternate between the golf and action parts. First, hit the ball by selecting the direction and distance. Then, run to the location your ball was hit while defending yourself from the many enemies.

Pac-Man Collection

Atari 7800 Pac-Man Collection

Pac-man was one of the most popular games of all time and it heavily influenced game design of the early 1980s. Your task is simple, you must eat all the dots to proceed to the net level, all while running away from the ghosts. However, there are four power up zones that when eaten allows you to eat each of the four ghosts.

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