Amiga Miscellaneous Peripherals


> Company: Data & Electronics / GameWorks, Netherlands
> Date: 1990
> Amiga: A500, A1000A2000
> Interface: side expansion portZorro II
> Autoconfig ID: ID514 / 97514 / 3

successor of the Nordic Power freezer module
A500 / A1000 version:
plugs into the side expansion port
3 LEDs, indicating memory scan (yellow), speed (green) and enabled freeze mode (red)
slow motion disable switch
slow motion controller
A2000 version:
no LEDs, no slow motion disable switch
covered connector for diagnosis purposes (not to be used)
two connectors for slow motion controller and freeze button
card features only 86 pins, but has to be inserted in Zorro slot
not compatible with bridge boards
freezer features:
trainer maker
save computer memory (freezed programs) to disk
machine monitor / disassembler
disk / file utilities: Dir, Path, MkDir, Rename, Erase, Install, Format, FileCopy, DiskCopy
picture / music (tracker) / sample ripper
sprite editor
slow motion controller
slide show generator for IFF images
joystick autofire
disk monitor
shows computer status (disk parameters, ChipRAM, FastRAM…)
detects non-standard boot blocks (virus test)
joystick test
includes X-Copy on cartridge
color and screen mode adjust

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