Amiga Video Peripherals

Videon IV

> Company: Newtronic Technologies, Italy
> Date: 1992
> Amiga: any Amiga
> Interface: RGB port, parallel port, floppy port
> Autoconfig ID: ID2129 / 9

grabs images in all resolutions of the AGA chip set including interlaced overscan screen modes
works internally in 24 bits
can save images in EHB, HAM, SHAM, Dynamic HiRes and HAM8
supports the Harlequin, Visiona and Video DAC 18 devices for display
composite (1x BNC) and Y/C (separate chrominance and luminance – 2x BNC) inputs
the input has to be selected manually by a switch
brightness, contrast and saturation knobs
connects to the parallel and RGB ports
the display can be toggled between the Amiga and video input by a switch
does not work well with multisync monitors
takes power from the floppy connector
plastic case

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