Amiga Audio Peripherals

VF Sound System

> Company: Valenta Ferenc, Hungary
> Date: 1999
> Amiga: A1200
> Interface: clock port
> Autoconfig ID: ID16945 / 1

Crystal Semiconductor CS4222 Audio Codec
SGS-Thomson STA013 MPEG 1, 2, 2.5 Audio Layer III Decoder DSP
Analog Devices SSM2163 8 Channel Mixer
Full Duplex 8, 16, 20 Bit Audio Sampling And Playback
MP3 Decoding In Realtime Without CPU Load
Playback Rates Can Be Set With An Accuracy Of 0.1 Hz, Up To 48 KHz
Four Stereo Analog Input Channels
One Stereo Output Channel
32 + 4 KB Cache RAM
Expansion Bus For Further Expansions (USB)
Mpega.Library Emulation
AHI Driver Is Being Developed

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